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    timeisart got a reaction from Gagarin in March 2020 Releases   
    It's a combination of Google Sheet's built in IMPORTXML function and a free IMPORTFROMWEB plugin for Google Sheets that I downloaded. So the IMPORTXML function is unable to work with pages loaded in javascript, which all bandcamp pages are. But that IMPORTFROMWEB plugin is able to scrape from javascript sites as well.
    The IMPORTXML is only used to scrape info from <head> since that seems to be loaded before <body> which is loaded in javascript. The IMPORTFROMWEB plugin is used to scrape all the other info found in <body>.
    PM me if you have any other questions, I'll try to help but I'm not super familiar with this kind of stuff, I just stumbled my way through getting it to work for me.
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    timeisart got a reaction from Trala Lama in March 2020 Releases   
    I have recently figured out how to automatically import information from bandcamp directly into google sheets, including the genre tags. So that's why there's a larger number of genres seen above. Personally I think it looks a little messy here on the forum, it looks better on the psybient.org post (which includes bandcamp players).
    I may reconfigure these forum posts to make them look better, and can include bandcamp players here again. But if this forum goes down again, just go to the main psybient.org site to see the monthly updates.
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    timeisart got a reaction from Salamantis in January 2020 Releases   
    ok I lightened up the World Fusion color a little, I agree it was a bit too dark originally.. btw it was supposed to be a brown, because world = soil/dirt = brown I guess lol. it's more of a tan color now though.
    I suppose there was a little thought put into choosing the colors for the genres (but not much):
    Psybass / Psystep is purple because I've actually seen the word "purple" used as a genre descriptor for some experimental bass music so I figured that fits.
    Psydub is green because you smoke marijuana to dub music lol
    Chillgressive / Deep Trance - seems like higher tempo music should have a warm color like red, and so Psytrance is a darker shade of red.
    Psybient / Psychill mostly seems cool/cold to me for some reason so blue fits imo.
    Ambient needed the lightest color possible and since I couldn't use white I figured yellow was the next best choice.
    Techno is gray because it's machine music
    Downtempo & Psybreaks - didn't really have a reason to pick orange for these other than I hadn't used it for any of the other genres.
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    timeisart got a reaction from yiannis in January 2020 Releases   
    Just added genres to all releases here.
    I'm experimenting with adding specific highlight colors to each genre to maybe make them stand out more at a glance, let me know if you like it or if you think it looks too weird.
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    timeisart reacted to Salamantis in January 2020 Releases   
    Thanxabunch; much appreciated, as always.  The only real difference for me is that instead of buying releases once a week, I have to save up my money and buy a lot more once a month...;~)
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    timeisart reacted to yiannis in January 2020 Releases   
    I think I'm not the only one to be thankful for your work Gordon. I'd missed some releases I'm interested in, but finally became aware of them thanks to this list.
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    timeisart got a reaction from yiannis in W27 2019 Releases Update - June 24-30   
    loving the Hibernation reworks, Seb seems to be on an ambient kick with Kaya Project - Ambient Mixes 2 also recently released. agreed that it's more dynamic than most ambient.
    always glad to see new music from Ishq, although I'm most excited about the upcoming Summerland imprint releases that will have a more melodic, dreamy Ishq style.
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    timeisart reacted to yiannis in W26 2019 Releases Update - June 17-23   
    Can UCP do no wrong? Granted, his style doesn't change much, but his works are always well crafted and take me places.
    Will check out Eguana, Miktek and Sync24 and possibly Flucturion 2.0, Govinda and the suggested compilation.
    Thanks for your continued work Gordon
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    timeisart reacted to Salamantis in W11 2019 Releases Update - March 4-10   
    I'm a graveyard shift worker, so I have to sleep during the day.  That means closed bedroom door, black paper on the windows, and music playing low to dampen out the sudden, harsh and discordant outside noises of people going about their day outside.  It works best for me when the music is mostly in the middle ranges (not excessively bass or treble), flowing and melodic, and has a slow soft beat that gets my heartbeat and respiration to slow in sync and my brainwaves to seek the lower sleep oscillations.  White noise is featureless, so it won't do those things for me.  And music in midrange is the most calming and restful and relaxing for me - the sonic equivalent of stretching out in the summer woods under trees (our visual wavelength range is centered around green).  Very high pitches would just make me excited or nervous, and subsonic bass is used in theaters during horror movies to induce feelings of fear and dread.
    I also have listened to Eguana during the day (meaning, for me, in the morning after work but not yet ready to sleep).  IMO, it elegantly fits Brian Eno's definition of ambient: being interesting enough to attend to, but not so intrusive that it cannot be ignored..    
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    timeisart got a reaction from YuriNondual in W45 2018 Releases Update - October 29 - November 4   
    October 29 - November 4, 2018 Akasha Project - Neptun Salzheilstollen Berchtesgaden { Self Released :: Ambient :: Album :: Germany } Alejo - The Waiting Room { Self Released :: Psybass / Psystep :: EP :: United States } Atmosphere Factory - Letting Go { Dakini Records :: Downtempo :: Single :: Japan } Bad Tango - Collected Works 2011-2017 { Self Released :: Psybreaks, Psybass / Psystep :: Album :: United Kingdom :: Name Your Price } Blue Lotus - Lost Among Lotuses { Self Released :: Psybient / Psychill, Psydub :: Album :: Russia } Celtotron - King Of Hohgant { Self Released :: Psybient / Psychill, Ambient :: EP :: Switzerland } Deykin - Believer { Bass Star Records :: Psybass / Psystep :: Single :: France } Dreamwalker - Exodus { Colony Productions :: Psybass / Psystep :: EP :: United States } Eguana - A Decennary Of Eguana Vol. 2 { Cosmicleaf Records :: Psybient / Psychill, Ambient :: Album :: Russia } Emotion Code - Sensations Of The Mind { Spiralmind Records :: Psybreaks, Chillgressive / Deep Trance :: Album :: Russia } Flowertz - Shakti Power { Self Released :: Psydub, Psybient / Psychill :: Album :: Italy } Jedidiah, Existence - Magna Presence { Ovnimoon Records :: Psybient / Psychill :: EP :: Mexico } Liquid Stranger - Polarity { Wakaan :: Psybass / Psystep :: EP :: United States :: Name Your Price } Listopad - Triangle { Self Released :: Psybient / Psychill :: EP :: Russia } Lo.Renzo - Collected Global Bass { Self Released :: Psydub, Psybass / Psystep :: EP :: Italy } Lunatick Project - New Horizons { Plexus Music :: Ambient, Downtempo :: Album :: Russia } Master Margherita - Modular Experiments Vol. 8 Electric Meditation { Self Released :: Ambient :: EP :: Switzerland :: Name Your Price } Merlin, Argus, Tebra - Purification EP { Altar Records :: Psybient / Psychill :: EP :: Serbia :: Name Your Price } Neuroq - Catharsis { Microcosmos Records :: Chillgressive / Deep Trance, Psybient / Psychill :: Album :: Russia } PurpleAndroid - Supine Time { Self Released :: Psybient / Psychill :: EP :: United Kingdom } Samsara - Liquid Macroverse { Self Released :: Psybient / Psychill :: Single :: United Kingdom :: Name Your Price } Steve Good - Everything's Inside Everything Else { Self Released :: Ambient :: Album :: Japan } Subroot - Form Language EP { Visionary Shamanics Records :: Psybass / Psystep :: EP :: United States :: Name Your Price } Various Artists - Ambient Online Themed Compilation 01: The Moon { Ambient Online :: Ambient :: Compilation :: United States } Wasisunqu - Sankalpa { Frequenseed :: Chillgressive / Deep Trance :: EP :: Mexico } Zubzub - Eternal Return { Self Released :: Psybreaks, Drum & Bass, Chillgressive / Deep Trance, Psybient / Psychill :: Album :: United Kingdom }

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    timeisart got a reaction from Fuluf in W43 2018 Releases Update - October 15-21   
    got em highlighted.
    Zoungla's latest is much better than his Family album earlier this year, which was closer to folk rock or something and didn't appeal to me at all. This new one is a nice return to a psychedelic sound though.
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    timeisart reacted to Fuluf in W35 2018 Releases Update - August 20-26   
    Well Takkra is up on Spotify, Youtube and I think I even saw longer previews on the Iboga Soundcloud page.
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    timeisart reacted to yiannis in What are you listening now?   
    I seem to have hijacked this thread but hey; new Androcell EP out a coupla days ago:

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    timeisart got a reaction from yiannis in Is Orchid-Star still active?   
    Out now:

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    timeisart reacted to yiannis in W26 2018 Releases Update - June 18-24   
    I liked the Blue Lunar Monkey album and Zymosis EP, but the release I enjoy the most is Sundial Aeon's album. Some of their albums in the past have left me cold while others are masterpieces in my book. I can't quite explain what it is that makes them one or the other, as they're not vastly different. This one is one of their best imo.
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    timeisart reacted to Fuluf in W22 2018 Releases Update - May 21-27   
    That Mahaon album artwork though
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    timeisart reacted to Salamantis in W21 2018 Releases Update - May 14-20   
    Is there gonna be a W22?  (no pressure, I just find them useful references when I buy (and yes, I buy - digital)).
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    timeisart got a reaction from Fuluf in Who's the best artists in Psybient right now?   
    It's difficult to think of truly "timeless" albums released in the past few years, but the debut album from The Flying Mars released in 2016 is a contender imo:

    Globular has been touted as the successor to Ott as the king of psydub, but Land Switcher is amazing too.
    I know some people here don't like psybass but that's where a lot of innovation is coming from these days imo. Seamoon, MantisMash, Master Minded, Quanta, Wolf Tech, Grouch, Soulacybin, Eurythmy, Spundose... all great artists.
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    timeisart got a reaction from Xpander in Who's the best artists in Psybient right now?   
    You can check out the release tables from the past couple years to see what people seemed to like best, although everyone's tastes are different so try some of these to find what you like:
    2016 Releases Table (click the Forum Rankings tab then click the 1st place button to see the top voted releases from the weekly polls throughout the year)
    2017 Releases Table (use the Rank drop down menu and click 1st to see the top voted releases from the weekly polls throughout the year)
    2018 Releases Table (use the Featured drop down menu and click Featured, since I'm not doing weekly polls anymore these are based on people's comments who said they liked a release, or just releases that I thought should be featured.)
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    timeisart reacted to yiannis in Is Orchid-Star still active?   
    That's some great news, thanks for the tip Gordon
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    timeisart got a reaction from yiannis in Is Orchid-Star still active?   
    New album "Merge" out June 15th, 2018
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    timeisart got a reaction from yiannis in W19 2018 Releases Update - April 30 - May 6   
    Yeah the Kick Bong album sounded much better than a lot of his previous work just on the cursory listen I gave it. The last album of his that I was really able to get into was Flower Power way back in ‘08, I’m sure there’s been some good stuff since then but I haven’t given it much of a chance yet.
    definitely enjoyed the Slackbaba EP, and I’m a big fan of MantisMash’s sound. Humandala was pretty good too.
    still need to give UCP a proper listen, but since you like it I’ll feature it in the 2018 releases table.
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    timeisart got a reaction from Fuluf in W19 2018 Releases Update - April 30 - May 6   
    had to go to their Soundcloud page to find this because they didn't make it obvious on the bandcamp page, but Uasca is a collaboration project:
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    timeisart got a reaction from YuriNondual in W16 2018 Releases Update - April 9-15   
    April 9-15, 2018
    Adham Shaikh - Blossom Vol. 1 { Sonicturtle Records :: Ambient :: Album :: Canada :: Name Your Price } Adham Shaikh - Blossom Vol. 2 { Sonicturtle Records :: Ambient :: Album :: Canada :: Name Your Price } Akasha Project - Bicycleday 2018 { Self Released :: Ambient :: EP :: Germany } Chronos & OkoloSna - Sonos Mosaic { Merkaba Music :: Psybreaks, Psybass / Psystep, Psybient / Psychill :: Album :: Russia } Circada - Awaken { Tranquil Sounds Productions :: Psybient / Psychill, Psybass / Psystep :: EP :: Australia :: Name Your Price } Cloower Wooma - Deep See Dive { Self Released :: Ambient, Chillgressive / Deep Trance, Psybient / Psychill, Drum & Bass :: EP :: Russia } Dimmat - Emotions { Mindspring Music :: Psybient / Psychill, Chillgressive / Deep Trance :: Album :: Greece } LOK - Dyna ft. Julian Frese { Self Released :: Psydub, Psybient / Psychill :: Single :: Australia :: Name Your Price } Lost Shaman - Equilibrium Constant { Bass Star Records :: Chillgressive / Deep Trance, Psybient / Psychill :: Album :: Israel } Lumino - Spontaneously { Melusine Records :: Psybient / Psychill :: Album :: Romania } Mind.Divided - Eden { CRL Studios :: Ambient, Downtempo, IDM :: Album :: Belgium } Olivier Orand - Borderlands { Self Released :: Psybient / Psychill, IDM :: Single :: France } Plu-Ton - Wings Of Liberty { OLD SQL Recordings :: Psybient / Psychill :: Album :: Russia } Sippor - Sahara { Street Ritual :: Psybass / Psystep :: Single :: Hungary :: Name Your Price } Sound Strider - Illusion Of Control { Red Tent Records :: Psybient / Psychill, IDM :: EP :: France :: Name Your Price } Strana 03 - Flashback Master { Plexus Music :: Psybient / Psychill, Chillgressive / Deep Trance :: EP :: Russia } The Creature - Elements { Outtalectuals :: Psybass / Psystep :: Single :: Canada } Various Artists - Ananda { Kunayala Records :: Psybient / Psychill :: Compilation :: Portugal } Various Artists - From Here To Tranquility Vol. 9 - In Dreams { Silent Records :: Ambient :: Compilation :: USA } Various Artists - Tounge Of Lounge { Blue Tunes Chillout :: Psybient / Psychill, Downtempo :: Compilation :: Germany } Wasisunqu - Frequenseed Revelations { Self Released :: Chillgressive / Deep Trance :: Album :: Mexico } Wisetree - Fractal Ascension { Self Released :: Psydub, Psybass / Psystep :: Album :: Canada } Bandcamp Players

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    timeisart reacted to Salamantis in ishq - virtual series. A little bit of freeflow thoughts   
    There are other reasons, reasons that are not as artistic and much sadder, having to do with how long it takes to produce different kinds of albums.  Below is an email exchange I had with Jacqueline Kersley, Matt Hillier's significant other and most enduring musical partner.  I don't feel bad sharing it because it was prompted by the Upcoming Releases page of this site, and has to do with public issues of artist economic survival in a world where most online people download artist releases for free rather than pay for them.
    Hi, Jacqueline; Joe Dees here again.  I hope I'm not bothering you too much with this letter.  I just have a quertion or two to ask you, if you don't mind.   I frequent this site to see what's in the pipeline:
      https://www.psybient.org/love/upcoming-releases-psychill-ambient-downtempo/   There are several releases listed ase upcoming for you and Matt.  Besides Indigo Egg - Aten, which I have coming (with a digital dl, you said...;~), they are:    Ishvara - Magik Square Of The Moon (I've been hearing rumors of this one for quite some time now)   and 4 by Ishq:  Abstracts 1, Light and Space, Meadows, and Vignettes.   Further down it mentions 3 unnamed albums by Omni Vu Deity.   My question is: which of these are, or could be, actually coming down the pike from you two, and which ones do you not see happening?  And do you have any firm or tentative timeline for any of them?   Just (very) Curious Joe Dees     Hi Joe              many thanks for the email and interest .To be honest its quite difficult whats planned next or will be released as we are both stepping away from some aspects of music releasing and into some new avenues and label ideas but those are not fully formulated yet.   Magik square of the moon is still a planned release but we decided to hibernate Virtual for some years possibly and when we have a better situation here to work longer on releases .   Omni vue deity releases are part of the remaing Virtual releases but as mentioned those have been stored for release maybe in a few years when we will complete the Virtual world series of albums and bring Virtual to an end.   The focus here is on now new music , styles , labels and some very different forms of music but largely electronic.     Ishq Abstracts 1, Light and Space , Vignettes are releases planned for a new label called i7x which will appear sooner than later and shifts Ishq into contemporary minimalism as well as semi classic minimalism and even electronic minimal works +ambient but quite different from much heard to date from Ishq.   Meadow is a very long planned album by Ishq started in 2000 a week after Orchid was released, its a double album and of material that harks from that period and again we sat on it until we can fund the time needed to spend 6 months just on that one release as its very much in the old Ishq style .Thats the next main full Ishq album but probably a few years off , maybe less.   There is a lot planned but we kind of had to shift focus a bit here and also start work outside music as streaming and downloads just killed our ability to sell enough works to fund longer periods of writing and the more intense and deeper albums like the 3 main Ishq releases which took months and years to make so things shifted , thats also why we hibernated Virtual in part as those albums can take months to make and its impossible to sell enough music to pay for our living costs and recording time now as so few people want to buy music .   We are streaming 80,000 tracks a month on Spotify now and earning £70 from that but we are selling 90% less than we were in cd form and download since 2014 at the same time ! so we saw massive increase in listeners and a massive death of our income and ability to fund making music , time is money in a sense and its become unsustainable for many artists now sadly.     So we basically retired from all digital music upload except bandcamp private accounts in the future and direct downloads and were looking at an Ishq app for streamers eventually that we run so it will lead to positive things and some nice physical musical artworks and vinyl also but when we can fund it.      Hope  that helps , sorry if thats a bit deep at the end but thats where we are basically  , expect lots of music best wishes   jacqueline
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