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  1. Artist: One Arc Degree Album: Ashore Type: EP Style tags: ambient, downtempo, psychill Media type: digital Year: 2017 Label: Mindspring Music Mindspring Music Presents: One Arc Degree - Ashore [MSM034] A melodic conjuration of ice-covered harmonies progress into colorful swirls of enchanting, auditory wonder in One Arc Degree’s chillout creation, “Ashoreâ€. As a series of emotional compositions, this comfortably balanced EP mixes somber pads with uplifting bass to bring a beautiful and relaxing production to our downtempo bookshelves. Beginning with tonal soundscapes vibrating from within the depths of an ancient world, One Arc Degree gently carries this captivating realm into a groovy and heartwarming symphony. Prepare to fall into a tranquil mediation, for the calming energies of this 30-minute release can turn flames into snow.
  2. One Arc Degree - The Circus In The Stars (unofficial)
  3. One Arc Degree - Methane Tears (unofficial)
  4. Thanks Gagarin! Always nice to see new stuff from Gabriel Le Mar as well
  5. Artist: One Arc Degree Album: Cosmos in Flux Type: LP Style tags: ambient, dub, chill Media type: digital Year: 2017 Label: Synphaera Records Greek producers Vasilis Kesalidis and Ioannis Konstantios started One Arc Degree with the intent to explore how music can trigger different emotional responses and memories, and then channel those evocations back into the music itself in a continuous cycle of discovery and renewal. With Cosmos in Flux, their Synphaera debut, One Arc Degree explores the mutable world of space-time on a micro-scale: “There is no reason that spacetime needs to be fundamentally smooth. We can imagine it consisting of many small, ever-changing, regions in which space and time are not definite, but fluctuate in a foam-like manner. As we probe at smaller scales, about ten times a billionth of the diameter of hydrogen's nucleus, spacetime foam reveals itself, an ocean of quantum bubbles through which light travels, cosmos in flux.†—One Arc Degree
  6. This is insane, all this music was released in January alone? We have all that music released in just a few sub-gernes EVERY month? Mind-boggling!
  7. you are going to love this... (listen to the full album!)
  8. ultra-delicate electronica lullabies (ideal for fans of Plaid, Ochre etc.)
  9. Artist: One Arc Degree & Trinaural In Dub Album: Coalescence Label: Ovnimoon Type: EP Style tags: Ambient, Psybient Media type: DIGITAL Year: 2016 This is it. Our final release for 2016, in the form of a beatless, hypnotizing ambient EP in collaboration with Trinaural In Dub.
  10. #01 by DJ Hoffman [mixcloud https://www.mixcloud.com/DjHoffman/astropilot-music-showcase-01/ width=100% height=60 hide_cover=1 mini=1 light=1]
  11. review by Mike G @ Ambient Music Guide's Best Albums of 2016: A stunning piece of cosmic, richly melodic ambient techno-trance and retro psychedelia from long-time chill master Gio Fazio, and rather different to the juicy Eastern-dub sounds he makes under his Makyo banner. Atmosphere Factory sounds quite unlike anything else in psychill right now, partly because he made it “live†without any computers and using mostly old-school gear. The clean, hypnotic arpeggios and jaw-droppingly pretty textures sound like a love letter to classic Silent Records, the 90’s ambient label that launched Makyo and - in its 2016 rebooted form - featured Atmosphere Factory on one of its compilations. You'll also hear a lovely pastiche of hippie minimalist Terry Riley’s droning organ called “A Rainbow On Curved Hipsâ€. Made by a gifted multi-instrumentalist and composer of some 35 years stranding, Atmosphere Factory is completely wonderful and gets my highest recommendation.
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