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  1. Finally going to have a go at The Left Hand of Darkness by Ursula Le Guin. Have been postponing this for way too long. Any thoughts on it?
  2. Very happy to see a fresh album from Abakus, I love his downtempo synth grooves, sexy music! Heavenchord's EP is good enough but not as great as his latest album on Cold Tear Records. As for my ambient needs, both Autumn of Communion and Thomas P. Heckmann are doing it really well
  3. As long as you don't intend to rule the universe with the infinity stones, we'll be fine here Welcome Thanos!
  4. A very interesting on-topic interview of Philip Glass: https://thecreativeindependent.com/people/philip-glass-on-controlling-your-output-and-getting-paid-for-what-you-make/?utm_campaign=coschedule&utm_source=facebook_page&utm_medium=NewMusicBox&utm_content=Philip+Glass+Shares+His+Thoughts+on+the+Digital+Music+Economy
  5. Didn't have the chance to listen to this one yet, but I will soon. Synphaera is already trustworthy for their quality control so I'm expecting some great music here. The artwork looks absolutely stunning!
  6. Opening track from our gig at Lampateria 2016 (track playing: Restless Empire)
  7. Artist: Youth Album: The Anarchist Colouring Book Type: LP Style tags: Ambient, Avant-garde Media type: Digital Year: 2015 Label: self-released Well, I was wondering what Martin Glover aka Youth has been up to lately, so I found this! It is actually a A4 high quality thick paper colouring book featuring original designs by the man himself, based on his surrealist and Dadaist psychedelic drawings. The book is accompanied by an original ambient score featuring samples of legendary freethinkers (such as John 'Hoppy' Hopkins, Brian Barritt, Terrence McKenna, Chet Helms, John Sinclair, Michael Gozney, Gregory Sams & Georgina Brett) that Youth has recorded over the years.
  8. Artist: V.A Album: Colours Type: Compilation Style tags: Progressive Chillout, Slow Trance, Ambient Media type: Digital Year: 2016 Label: AstroPilot Music "Colours" signals the birth of AstroPilot's new label and judging by the music featured in this first V/A, it's going to be a serious player in the psychill space!
  9. Artists: A-Duff & One Arc Degree Album: Blueprints Type: EP Style tags: space, downtempo, idm Media type: Digital (wav, flac, mp3) Year: 2016 Label: 33 Recordings URL: http://33recordings.com/33rec072-a-duff-one-arc-degree-blueprints/ A year-long collaboration with australian artist A-Duff is finally seeing the light of day. Blueprints is a 4-track EP based on an A-Duff original (Ethereal) and a One Arc Degree original (Boimarc). We then swapped our samples, stems and midi files to recreate our own interpretations of each other’s tracks. The final result is a moody, atmospheric journey over 20 minutes that I think is perfect for listening to late at night while reading a sci-fi novella with a mug of hot chocolate. Which brings us to A-Duff’s excellent little story… “On Feb 12, 2015, Mr. A. Duff and the signal response team of Messieurs I. Konstantios and V. Kesalidis (more commonly known by their lab’s call sign, One Arc Degree) simultaneously and independently received 2 distinct radio transmissions seemingly in direct response to humankind’s first contact with the outer world. Theorising that the transmissions were bent through space to arrive on earth less than just one human lifetime from the sending out of the Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 spacecrafts in 1977. A-DUFF contacted One Arc Degree to record, collate and then interpret the transmissions. This sound recording is a collection of those 2 otherworldly communiques, each interpreted and re-formulated independently by A-DUFF and ONE ARC DEGREE. The process involved the initial decoding, a linguistic examination of the binary transmissions followed by the reformation of the communiques according to each sound engineer’s understanding. Numerous types of electronic equipment as well as soundwave manipulation and redirection devices were used in the process which also took much sweat, tears and hard work. Communique 1 has been named Ethereal. It appears to be a blueprint of the life, science, history and environment of the world from whence it came. Communique 2 has been named Boimarc. It appears to be a blueprint in the form of an inventory database, terms of measurement and possibly currency as well as a communications cypher. Thanks to the passion and commitment of those sound engineers, you are privileged to be among the first few to hear a response from an otherwise uncontactable and still unknown world.â€
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