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  1. The truth is there is no single go-to platform that covers all our needs. For me, Soundcloud was good for finding new & upcoming artists but it's not so easy anymore. As for mixsets/podcasts, I much prefer Mixcloud, gives you no trouble at all, has an interface structured around mixsets (tracklisting, suggestions, trending charts, tags etc).
  2. I'm using a Lenovo Y50-70 both for producing and for playing live. Really solid build, fast processor but comes with one serious flaw: HDD is really shitty. Replace it with a Samsung Evo SSD (they come cheap nowadays) and the machine makes a huge leap in performance. This is an excellent low budget solution and covers all my needs really.
  3. I agree Gagarin, it would make the whole thing more enticing. Still, good selection of music all around
  4. I'm in line with this guy on this topic: https://ask.audio/articles/music-theory-432-hz-tuning-separating-fact-from-fiction
  5. volume 2: first hour by Cloower Wooma, second hour by One Arc Degree https://www.mixcloud.com/cloowerwoomamusic/cloower-wooma-transference-002-with-one-arc-degree-february/
  6. Cloower Wooma has started a new podcast series, presenting 60 minutes of deep and (mostly) relaxing music, decorated with a slice of great artwork might I add. So, volume 1 is up by the man himself:
  7. Miktek's EP is really a great little present for all of us! Kyoto's album was a dissapointment for me. Although I love beatless ambient and drones, self-similarity in this one makes it uninteresting. I mean, it has to be the same pad synth he uses in almost all of the tracks, right? Great artwork, nonetheless.
  8. Happy new year from Thessaloniki I wish you all good health, creativity, passion and much much love!!
  9. I love what Ultimae is doing with their sound. I find their subtle turn into ambient dub realm refreshing!
  10. nice one andorra! my favorite is Blueberry Fields, it has an early CBL feel to it
  11. Limiting is a very useful technique, as long as you don't squash your wav file. Use it gently, not like a sledgehammer. Usually, that means (at least for me) avoiding a larger than 3 or 4dB trim.
  12. Artist: Various Album: Digiseeds Type: Compilation Style tags: Ambient, Downtempo Media type: DIGITAL / CD Year: 2015 Label: Ultimae Records Catalog ID: inre80 URL: http://ultimae.com/product/digiseeds-compiled-by-ambientium-various-artists-ultimae-cd/ DIGISEEDS is the first chapter in a series of Ultimae compilations conceptualized by Czech artist Lubos Cvrk aka Ambientium. As an electronic music stakhanovite, Lubos brought together composers from all around the world to create a story which slowly enwraps the listener in a soft and eerie ambient reverie. From minimal acoustic patterns melting into intense pads, ethereal dub lines blending with glitch, gentle electronica and a certain neo-classical aesthetics, DIGISEEDS paints new grounds and plays with textures to achieve a soothing and swirling dive in experience for the listener. Ambientium, in this first chapter, offers an emotive and exclusive mixed selection of 12 tracks from the composers Lars Leonhard (Germany), Martin Nonstatic (Austria) and One Arc Degree (Greece), known to the Ultimae realms, and plants new seeds with the participation of composers such as Ocoeur (France), Mandrax (Tasmania), Cloower Wooma (Russia), State Azure (UK), Jani R (Finland), Synapsia (UK) and himself (Czech Replublic).
  13. What a week! Mike Hill gives me a Vangelis / Budd vibe that is most enjoyable Woob's latest is scarily seductive, that cyberpunk/darkwave sound got me hooked! Seb Taylor is... well, Seb Taylor! (nuff said) Trinaural In Dub was an AMAZING find this week! A truly beatiful ambient album Finally, this week is pretty special to me since Space Scavengers, a relatively new collab project of mine, entered the list PS: I believe this album would be a good fit for this week's list as well:
  14. Fingers in the Noise is just what I need right now... Spectrum Vision in good as well
  15. Currently reading Gateway by Frederik Pohl. Old sci-fi gem (1977), I'm halfway through it and already rank it as one of my favorites! Brilliant writing!
  16. Artist: Erot & One Arc Degree Album: Synergism Type: EP Style tags: Psychill, Downtempo Media type: DIGITAL Year: 2015 Label: Iboga Records Catalog ID: IBOGADIGITAL235 Length: 00:29:50 Synergism, as opposed to antagonism, means that the joint action of multiple agents is bound to increase each other's effectiveness. In this case, the joint efforts of Erot, danish psychill producer, and One Arc Degree, greek duo specialized in atmospheric breakbeats, have definitely increased each other's creativity. A collaboration that started more than a full year ago now bears it's first fruit! This is probably our last release for 2015. We hope you will enjoy it while we prepare a multitude of new projects for next year!
  17. Mostly using Ableton's built-in (plus convolution reverb). Very light & easy to use and covers all my needs.
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