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  1. Has to be Juno Reactor.... saw them live in Athens quite a few years back. Been able to listen to Conga Fury live with tribal percussionists and vocals was a breath-taking experience
  2. Cold Tear is an amazing label, I love their approach to dub electronica/techno. Mikael Delta I also knew from the legendary (in Greece) electronica band "Stereo Nova" and its pioneering work during the 90s. This is a high quality dub techno album, enjoyed it a lot!
  3. I really didn't know where to post this since it has very little to do with psychill or trance (I express those inclinations in my other collab project, One Arc Degree) so I think this is the right place. The 1st of April will see the release of my debut album as Spinnet. I have put together a 15 minute preview, so that I don't bore anyone descibing the music with words. Just have a listen and decide for yourselves... https://soundcloud.com/spinnet/spintronics-album-preview ...and then let me know what you think
  4. Are you familiar with Floex? I think you might like him.
  5. Couldn't make it but I'm listening right now. Works well on a bright Sunday morning as well
  6. I was delighted to re-discover Interloper. It's been 5 years!
  7. Since Jatad mentioned them, I unearthed the first cd I bought from Saafi Bros, what a revelation!! A true classic album for me...
  8. Picking out Erot. Happy to see his EP finally out, quality music. We'll be having a couple of joint releases in the near future as well
  9. I'm doing an "artist showcase" mixset series for 2015, each month introducing a relatively unknown musicial/project. Not always ambient-oriented, but this month you should definitely check out Halftribe. This guy creates some truly soothing soundscapes, I've been following him for a few years now and I have been consistently impressed by his music. Most of it, you can download for free on his soundcloud profile (look him up), he regularly uploads fresh, unsigned material. So, without any more pep talk, go on and enjoy 60 minutes of Halftribe, mixed by me:
  10. Ramon Rayner made this great video for one of my tracks, just a couple of days ago (found out about it just now!). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zfB56XL9cCE
  11. I've been using Sennheiser HD201 for years, both for casual listening & monitoring (when I can't use my speakers at home). These are dirt cheap headphones (20 euros!) and you will be pleasantly surprised by their quality. I would buy them over and over again.
  12. http://boilerroom.tv/recording/ena/ Really boundary-pushing stuff... ENA is a japanese artist with his latest LP, Binaural, out on Samurai Horo.
  13. I guess the fact that's still an interesting melting pot. You can find ideas and influences from various styles, trance, goa, folk & traditional, techno, dub, ambient, reggae, breakbeat, you name it. The rule is: there are no rules (more or less).
  14. Teaser video for the forthcoming collaboration by Erot & One Arc Degree, made by Sorin Pricop
  15. Agreed. That's why you can never trust hard info 100%, be it tempo or key info. And, anyways, breaking the "rules" a little is always bound to produce interesting & unexpected results. That's what will make any piece of music or dj set exciting.
  16. I learned all the music production basics in Reason, used it for a couple of years. Then I switched to Ableton (in version 7 I think) and never looked back since! I tried to like Cubase, I really did, but the interface was really messy for me. I agree that one has to mess around with various pieces of software, never get too comfortable working on the same setup, if you want to constantly challenge yourself. So, in that spirit, I had a go at Reaper (clunky) and Bitwig (nice!). What I really want to wrap my brain around though is Renoise. I never used a tracker-based DAW before and Renoise has matured immensely, so I guess its time!
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