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  1. Thanks for sharing! Hmm.... I will look into this...
  2. I have to agree with snowdrop on this. I got in my most creative and musically productive period AFTER I got a full time job, got married and became a father! If you asked me 5 years ago, I'd say it's impossible to produce music under such obligations and time constraints. However, these obligations and time constraints forced me to become much more focused. Forced me to decide what is important, fulfilling for me to spent my little precious leisure time on. Video games? Sports viewing? Book reading (ok, I admit I should read more )? This decision made me realize how passionate I am about music, really. So, in a way, time pressure helped me find out a bit more about myself! And that is priceless.
  3. 1. Solar Fields - Reflective Frequencies (Album) [ INRE004 ] 2001 2. H.U.V.A. Network - Distances (Album) [ INRE012 ] 2004 3. Carbon Based Lifeforms - Hydroponic Garden (Album) [ INRE009 ] 2003 These three are really iconic albums for me... They defined the early Ultimae sound: deep, exotic & alien soundscapes which was, at the time, totally different than anything you could find in psychill (you know, the usual eastern-flavored or dub-style chill). Later on, I think I caught myself listening excessively to: 4. Circular - Substans (CD, Album, Mixed) [ INRE036 ] 2009 5. Aes Dana - Perimeters (Album) [ INRE045 ] 2011 ...because of their subdued character, their calm beauty and serene & mysterious atmosphere. Truly mesmerizing albums. And of course special mention goes to: 6. Fishimself - Ambrosia (CD, Compilation, Mixed) [ INRE049 ] 2011 ...simply because I was part of it Seriously, Ambrosia was a different beast than the established Ultimae sound, with some real gems in it. I guess my favorite was Max Million's opening track, a real stunner!
  4. The later the better for me, I usually find some headphones peace later in my evenings
  5. Latest podcast from one of my favorite labels, Auxiliary. Futuristic atmospheric electronica of the highest quality, for some serious chillin' http://auxiliarymusic.com/auxcast-phasethree/auxcastp3-ep2.mp3
  6. What Raul said applies to me as well, more or less... With that said, I believe this is perfectly normal for most us. Don't forget, its the meteoric rise of computer technology that enabled most of us to spend time with musical composition. Before that, it was way too expensive to get the necessary gear and you probably couldn't make them fit in your bedroom! So I find it perfectly normal, actually wonderful, to have a great many people coming home after their day jobs and express themselves creatively through music. In our day and age, with ever-longer work hours, ever-lousier salaries, passive entertainment and a mindless consumer attitude, every one should have a way to express him or herself creatively, be it music or anything else really. That's a huge accomplishment in itself and helps to bring balance back in to our lives.
  7. Kilowatts makes some stunning groovy music, but in 2009 he indulged into some soothing ambience for Somnia Records. Great album!
  8. One Arc Degree came to be when I was asked by Fishimself to contribute a track to Ambrosia V/A, for Ultimae Records. My solo works as Spinnet are not in that direction (more for my solo works in another topic!) so I proposed to a friend in Athens to work on something together. We were actually both members in psynews, so we had many common preferences in psychill and trance music (eg. our love for Juno Reactor) and we had tried a collab track in the past, so it seemed like the perfect opportunity. At that time I had already moved to Kalymnos so we had to work by exchanging project files, back and forth, online. That period was late 2010 - early 2011, and gave birth to Distant Industries featuring some haunting soprano vocals by my wife Georgia Irakli! Excited by that unique approach, drum & bass inspired groove combined with trance influenced melodies, we moved on to work on new tracks. Relying even more on a drum & bass structure, we released our first single, two original tracks on Evil Audio, a greek drum & bass netlabel, again featuring Georgia's voice. At the same time, we really wanted to write something closer to the scene that brought us together in the first place. So, that body of work resulted in Rune, paying tribute to the late Pete Namlook... https://soundcloud.com/one-arc-degree/rune ...and our first EP, Under A Trillion Suns, which was signed by Microcosmos Records and featured some beautiful artwork by their artist! During 2014, we also started experimenting with breakbeats, always carrying that melodic character of our music. Our first foray into the world of breaks came with two singles, both released in 2014. A Cup of Tea on Titan was our deeper tune, released on Deep Garnet... ...while High Density Proton Breeze (much more energetic!) was released on VIM Records, last autumn. https://soundcloud.com/one-arc-degree/high-density-proton-breeze As for 2015, we have a couple of deep & melodic breakbeat releases plus two very exciting collaboration EPs. First one is with Erot -and its close to completion- and the second one with Cybernetika. We 'll have to find some time to work on our debut album as well
  9. Do you believe this plan would work for an unknown artist / startup? Usually you need either a clever idea (the way you can see crowdfunding work in games or tech) or a relatively established name (eg. Ott had no problen crowdfunding his album). Who would fund my album, for instance? So, I tend to believe that a minimum amount of recognition is a prerequisite for crowdfunding to work (unless you have a really innovative idea to propose). The same would be more or less true for a label, I guess. A small, indie unknown label would have a hard time fund a record.
  10. Tracklist: 01. Rune [Carpe Sonum Records] 02. A Cup Of Tea On Titan (+ Deeply Unexpeced Remix) [Deep Garnet Records] 03. Futurism [Microcosmos Records] 04. The Star Orchard [Microcosmos Records] 05. Under A Trillion Suns [Microcosmos Records] 06. Distant Industries [ultimae Records] 07. 2 Form [Evil Audio Records] 08. Esoteric Sob - Circe of Life (One Arc Degree Remix) [VIM Records] 09. Suspension Orbit [Evil Audio Records] 10. Juno Reactor - Tempest (One Arc Degree Remix) [self released] 11. For The Love of Despair [Microcosmos Records]
  11. As a listener, streaming services are the future. As Mr. UPGrade wrote, its super convenient and the quantity of artists and their music grows daily. Couple that with well thougth out mixset services live mixcloud and you really don't need much else... As a producer, things are really frustrating right now. Digital sales are plummeting, physical sales have reduced to a small niche and streaming royalties are a joke. The music industry is going, once more, through a paradigm shift. I believe that, in a couple of years, streaming will be all-prevalent and the indie labels that won't find new clever ways to balance their income in other ways will be out of business. We all know that sales won't feed an artist anymore, the music acts as a promo to attract live gigs (not the other way around) so one possible way for a label to survive would be to act as a booking agency for its artists. Of course, that would mean publishing fewer artists and applying tighter quality standards (while now you can find labels releasing 4 - 5 digital EPs a month, each month!!).
  12. Well, I'm a science fiction addict so... 1) Blood Music, by Greg Bear 2) The Lathe of Heaven, by Ursula Le Guin 3) Now Wait For Last Year, by Philip Dick these three are really great mind-benders!!!
  13. Nice ideas here, eastern-flavored psydub What I would love to hear is more prominent dub elements (eg. a deeper sub bassline, semi-random dub delays on the snare, stuff like that). Also, I believe you could make a tighter edit by shortening the outro and the intro. Keep it up
  14. Great dj set Lorn, many thanks for supporting our work, much appreciated!
  15. The biology of sleeping & dreaming is an extremely interesting topic! I usually sleep around 6 to 7 hours per day and most of the times have a good recollection of my dreams. I used to write them down semi-systematically, as it helped me discover recurring patterns and features, things that once a kept an eye out for, I could use them to switch over to lucid dreaming (extremely exciting!). Anyway, one neurobiologist that has really helped me understand the nature of the dreaming process is Alan Hobson (read "The Dream Drugstore" for example, a great book of his). You can check out one of his talks here:
  16. Futuristic & cutting edge! Aes Dana has matured beautifully as an artist throughout the years...
  17. Artist: Various Album: Die Welt ist Klang: A Tribute to Pete Namlook Type: Compilation Style tags: Ambient Media type: CD/WEB Year: 2014 Label: Carpe Sonum Records Catalog ID: SEIZE-I official url: http://namlooktribute.bandcamp.com/ Peter Kuhlmann, aka Pete Namlook, founder of the FAX +49-69/450464 label, passed away unexpectedly in 2012, leaving behind an incredible catalog of hundreds of releases, composed by himself and/or collaborators from around the world, full of electronic music like no one had ever heard before. Namlook's passing is a great loss to the entire electronic music community and we are producing a tribute compilation worthy of recognizing the tremendous impact he had on the world of electronic music. The result is Die Welt ist Klang, consisting of 4 CDs of tracks from FAX +49-69/450464 artists, plus 4 CDs of tracks from fans, all housed in a handsome wooden box. Many of these tracks were written especially for this compilation, some are lost tracks which have never seen the light of day, while some have been previously released. Such a tribute compilation for one artist is unprecedented and will remain a testament to how much he meant to artists and fans alike. All proceeds from the sales of Die Welt ist Klang will go to the family of Peter Kuhlmann Tracklist: CD1 01. Bill Laswell & Bernie Worrell - By A River (For Peter) 02. Eraldo Bernocchi - She Came Dancing Across the Water 03. Dr. Atmo & Miss Silencio - Floyd (Pink Mix) 04. Steve Stoll - Praxis XIII 05. Opaque/Daniel Pemberton - Opaque 10 06. Daimon Beail & Autistici - Saving a Space (for Wherever You Are) 07. Ishqamatics (Lee Anthony Norris/Ishq) - Universal Cubensis Afterglide 08. F.U.S.E. - Carocell CD2 01. Autumn of Communion - Goodbye PK 02. Peter Benisch - Farväl 03. Massimo Vivona - Your Angel 04. Material Object - Sagittarian 05. Gaudi - Lunar Patchouli 06. Lorenzo Montanà - Secret Path 07. Krystian Shek - Love What You Do 08. Benjamin Wild & Daniel Esswein - 41 09. Fanger & Siebert - Conundrum 10. Higher Intelligence Agency - Sky One 11. Future Research Technology - Electric Universe CD3 01. Thomas P. Heckmann - Ode to a Friend (edit) 02. Biosphere - Energy to Earth 03. Pascal FEOS - Sax on Dub 04. Oliver Lieb - Klangschale 05. Gabriel Le Mar - Jazzy Mid-On 06. Mick Chillage - The Light that Burns 07. Anthony Rother - See Beyond 08. Dandy Jack and the Soul Architect - Boraz 09. Dag Lerner - A Wayward Angel 10. Dr. Motte & Gabriel Le Mar - Acid Spray CD4 01. Spyra - Sodbrennen 02. Gate Zero - The Ache (featuring LaMeduza) 03. Bardo Thodol - Sarasvati 04. Blaine L. Reininger - Coyoacán 05. Aerial Service Area - Cloud 2 06. Ludwig Rehberg - Pink Pearl 07. Nikolaus Heyduck - Lago Largo 08. Victor Sol - Gong 1 09. Robert Musso - A Compilation for Pete (best of Transonic) CD5 01. Jacob Newman & Devon Underwood - Day Stretch 02. Bubble - Ashes 03. Veil of Alchemy - Sea of Transcendence (edit) 04. Bing Satellites - Caterpillar Dance 05. Illuminum - Principles of Life 06. Mamonu - So Long and Thanks for all The Chill 07. ecoutez - just in a... 08. Ray Rod in Sun Age - With My Octopus Friend 09. Guides - Flood 10. Tha Silent Partner - Tongue 11. Sense & Jesse Somfay - 3Songs (Forever) CD6 01. Commodity Place - Soils 02. Jason Hissong - Coreshine 03. Drøn - Polarwind 04. Mark T. Warren - Spin Cycle 05. Within Reason - Bardo Dub 06. Steve Hanlon - Freefloating 07. VAAST - Syzygy 08. Mia Rischmann - Travels 09. Michael and Spider - Dreamcatcher 10. Ben Zonneveld - Liberation Through Hearing 11. Tom Roberts - 081112 (Departure) CD7 01. Ultraviolet - Sleeps in Elysium 02. Si Matthews - Sync Polarity 03. 4Voice - Music Hypnotizes (Gianni Parrini & Twoplusone 3 Hands Rework) 04. Luis Duran & Thomas Penton - Passage 05. Suit & Tie Guy - The Bilderberg Gate 06. Johan Agebjörn - Ambient Robot Dance 07. Sven Kössler - Back to Living 08. Interconnected - Day 1 09. Autumus - Close to You 10. Michael Brückner - Agens (Wild Mix) CD8 01. Aqob - Le soleil a ton coeur 02. Mass Roman - Everyone Has It Now 03. Eric "the" Taylor/Jerry Marotta - Rolled Over 04. Ceder - Moog Model D aC (Live Take #6) 05. Spinnet - Galene 06. One Arc Degree - Rune 07. Terra Ambient - Etwas Unfertig 08. Metasonica - Eternal Return 09. The Garwin Project - Solar 10. Boreal Taiga - Piap-Pai 11. James Lewin - Drone 05 12. stormloop - snowdrift (edit)
  18. My first "alternative" psy track was Rotorblade by the mighty Juno Reactor.... I was mesmerized by that track, still am actually. One of the most beautiful electronic/cinematic pieces ever composed. A year or so later I stumbled upon the Mystery of the Yeti (the first one) and I was hooked.... And then it was the first Shpongle (Are You Shpongled?) which sat in my throne of best album ever for many good years
  19. Artist: One Arc Degree Album: Under A Trillion Suns Type: EP Style tags: Chillout, Downtempo, Trance Media type: DIGITAL Year: 2014 Label: Microcosmos Records Catalog ID: MCRCSMS012 Length: 00:29:00 official url: http://microcosmosrecords.com/one-arc-degree-trillion-suns/ Tracklist: 1. The Star Orchard (07:04) 2. Futurism (07:08) 3. Under A Trillion Suns (06:17) 4. For The Love Of Despair (08:29) Our first extended play release was hosted by the wonderful people at Microcosmos Records. This was a big release for us, marking a shift in direction from our usual breakbeat / drum & bass rhythms into a deep & mellow 4/4 trancy style. The defining One Arc Degree melodies and ethereal atmosphere is ever present, as well as the soprano voice of Georgia Irakli plus a guest appearance from another great vocalist, Ivilinia. Enjoy the music, I hope you'll find it interesting!
  20. Greeting from the south aegean island of Kalymnos! I have been visiting psybient.org for a good while now, its a great place to find about lots of interesting releases plus nice interviews. I have been listening to ambient / chill music since 2000 and it's been a great ride so far. I began experimenting with computer music software to create my own works around 2006, at the time I had just finished my master at theoretical physics in the Netherlands. So, for the last five years I have been living in Kalymnos, working as a high school teacher in physics & chemistry. In my free time I produce as much music as I can. I enjoy trying my hand at various styles & tempos, but I definitely gravitate towards atmospheric and dub-influenced textures. Inspiring artists are too many to mention... but a few names stand out like ASC, Aes Dana, Autechre, Murcof, Burial, Machinedrum, Solar Fields, Bluetech (in his various guises) and I'm sure I'm forgetting many highly influencial artists here. In general, I love science fiction themes and aesthetics and that extends to music as well.
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