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  1. I use the wishlist like a bookmark system for albums I plan on buying. There is just to much music being released to buy it all at once. I usually start at the very beginning of the the wishlist a couple times a month and listen. If it catches me again like originally, I buy it, if not I delete it.
  2. It's a sad state that few actually buy the music. However, those who do buy will most likely pay money even for the free albums (at least I do). If the music is good enough to download and use then the least I can do is pay for it.
  3. The few CD's I buy, mostly because no digital copies are available, I get either from psyshop.com or amazon.com
  4. Track list is a must. It allows the listener to identify those tracks that speak to them and than go support that artist by purchasing said track.
  5. Rukirek is where its at....but only three tracks! Give us moooooorrreeee!!!!
  6. Nice and psychill! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aPXkL5tlyEs
  7. I voted for the r.roo release. Pleasantly surprised
  8. I really enjoyed Frore & Shane Morris - Blood Moon, ambient goodness. Also the Simurg release was delicate and beautiful. Great job all! Pax!
  9. So many good releases in this batch. If pressed to pick just one I'd go with the Koan release.
  10. Thanks for all the work...now to get down to listening.
  11. As you command! btw...its all now under the Ancient Realms tag. I stopped using the Lorn name because of too much confusion with a producer from London who also uses Lorn. In fairness to his fans I've switched. Pax, AR
  12. ...and my vote goes to Suns Of Arqa. Great overall album.
  13. That is an interesting comment. I agree with you in terms of the spiritual/religious way of life aspect of this genre. I like to think of the spiritual impact a bit different. We are all affected by what goes on in the spiritual world. Music is one of the rare natural things that can affect the spirits around us. This is the reason why we feel so much when listening to music because spirits are with us in our affections. Psychill and most forms of chill have a peaceful and uplifting affect to our own spirit while at the same time to quiet down the spirits with us, giving us time to reflect, to vibe, to relax, to quiet the natural world and all its demanding noises and recharge. In that respect, its very spiritual for me. Pax!
  14. Very nice and thoughtful talk. Science, the 'religion' of our modern world, has been seduced by the serpent and eaten of the tree which was forbidden. So what does that mean exactly? The serpent = the allure of our senses and eating of the tree is much like this man suggests, confirming ourselves in dogmas that are simply not true. I like to call it "The fallacy of the senses". What our senses tell us are often not accurate. For instance, the classic one used is thinking the sun revolves around the earth. The appearance is it does, but we all know the exact opposite is the case. Until science is willing to accept that there is spiritual substance and that life flows into the natural world, rather then the natural world having life of itself, it will be stuck and torn apart much like all the major religions of our history. Thought from the eye closes the understanding. Thought from the understanding opens the eye. Thanks for sharing! Pax, AR
  15. I gave votes to a bunch of releases this week. I really enjoyed Ocean Star Empire. The World Beyond is scrumptious. Jagoa is goabient goodness.
  16. The Ultimae sampler has .wav files to use in any DAW/sampler of choose. It also comes with files for Kontact and Logic.
  17. I love these guys. Without EE psychill wouldn't be the same.
  18. My vote goes to Astral Waves. Sacred sounds throughout. I love all his albums. There were so many good releases this week I have to mention a few others. The Andorra EP was...wow!!! Consciousness Federation...smooth bliss. and the Zero Cult album satisfied greatly. Pax!
  19. The Discrete Energy sample packs are put together by Max Million....not much else to say. http://audiomodern.com/product-category/sample-packs/
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