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    ancientrealms got a reaction from mannybakshi in A bandcamp wishlist as long as my arm   
    I use the wishlist like a bookmark system for albums I plan on buying. There is just to much music being released to buy it all at once. I usually start at the very beginning of the the wishlist a couple times a month and listen. If it catches me again like originally, I buy it, if not I delete it.
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    ancientrealms reacted to timeisart in W2 2018 Releases Update - January 1-7   
    I decided to change up a few things this year, namely there will no longer be any polls, weekly or monthly. Instead I want to start doing a highlight system based on comments people make about releases.

    So if anyone comments saying they like a certain release (either in my weekly threads or threads of individual release posts), then that release will be highlighted in the big 2018 release table. I'll also highlight releases at my discretion.

    Instead of having the 1st, 2nd, 3rd ranking system that the 2017 Releases Table currently has, the 2018 table will just have a single “Featured†ranking, probably just in the form of a Featured filtering menu with yes/no options similar to the Name Your Price filter. I’m also trying to figure out an easy way to make the row itself be highlighted a different color in the table to make it stand out as you scroll through it.

    Sorry if you liked the poll system but it was starting to be too much work for not a lot of votes and I didn't want to get burned out so let's change it up for now.
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    ancientrealms got a reaction from Judge Ming in DJs and Tracklist   
    Track list is a must. It allows the listener to identify those tracks that speak to them and than go support that artist by purchasing said track.
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    ancientrealms got a reaction from IooN Cosmic Downtempo in Ableton vs Logic vs Fruityloops .... ?   
    I've used Ableton for many years but I agree with many of the posts that you should try multiple pieces of software because everyone has a different style, taste and flow.
    However, once you have decided on a setup, stick with it, learn it, live it, don't give up on it. You will have to give whatever setup you choose your life energy to make it work and that takes time and experience.
    Much joy on your journey.
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    ancientrealms got a reaction from mr-squatch in Links to tutorials and other useful resources   
    Fingers In The Noise has some great free Ableton vids.

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    ancientrealms got a reaction from Fuluf in DJs and Tracklist   
    Track list is a must. It allows the listener to identify those tracks that speak to them and than go support that artist by purchasing said track.
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    ancientrealms got a reaction from Fuluf in news - 2015 - W18 - release of the week poll   
    Rukirek is where its at....but only three tracks! Give us moooooorrreeee!!!!

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    ancientrealms got a reaction from snowdrop in news - 2015 - W15 - release of the week poll   
    Thanks for all the work...now to get down to listening.
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    ancientrealms got a reaction from Gagarin Project in Ancient Realms XXXII - Ginnungagap (January 2015)   
    As you command!
    btw...its all now under the Ancient Realms tag. I stopped using the Lorn name because of too much confusion with a producer from London who also uses Lorn. In fairness to his fans I've switched.
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    ancientrealms reacted to Fuluf in What are you listening now?   
    Got to love them fruits, mmm.....
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    ancientrealms reacted to Fuluf in What are you listening now?   
    It has been a while since I've ran from the other side of the house to quickly check the name of a tune playing on an Internet radio.

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    ancientrealms reacted to yiannis in What do you enjoy about psychedelic downtempo?   
    The title should be self-explanatory.
    For me it's the following:
    1. Obviously, the slow tempo. I love it when it's  around 70-100 bpm.
    2. The pads. Extremely important for me. It feels like swimming or diving in an aural sea.
    3. The layers. Although I can appreciate some minimal psybient, like some Virtual and Robert Rich releases, it sends me to other worlds when there are arpeggios and effects around the main themes.
    4. The melodies. I can't enjoy purely weird or experimental music for too long.
    5. The ethnic element. a. Vocals, Arabic, Far Eastern, Tuvan, almost anything goes. I know they are anathema to a lot of listeners, but I love them as a part of the whole. Not so much as the main focus, although I do like Entheogenic, for example, who sometimes tend to overuse them b. Instrumentation: I enjoy all manner of traditional instruments, but I have a soft spot for tablas, stringed and wind instruments.
    6. The emotional aspect. This might be my favourite element.
    7. The "fractal" quality of some of the music. As it says on a sample I heard recently (but can't remember where    ) "self similar, but not the same," when I get deep into a tune it feels like getting ever deeper into the Mandelbrot. I know it's the most typical example there is, but that's what it feels like. And it also gets progressively brighter, with various visual effects that look like tricks your eyes play on you on a sunny day, following the effects. I don't often have the will to focus inward for too long though.
    8. Nature sounds from field recordings. What would Matt Hillier's music be without them?
    9. Some artwork is fantastic and deepens the experience in its own right. I adore the art on Dakini releases, for instance.
    As I've said elsewhere, I used to value the spiritual aspect, but now it's not as important for me anymore.
    And you?
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    ancientrealms reacted to floyd2.0 in Rupert Sheldrake - The Science Delusion [banned TED talk]   
    Alfred Rupert Sheldrake is an English scientist, author, public speaker, and researcher in the field of parapsychology, known for his "morphic resonance" concept. He worked as a biochemist and cell biologist at Cambridge University from 1967 to 1973 and as principal plant physiologist at the International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics until 1978.
    More on Rupert Sheldrake: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rupert_Sheldrake

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    ancientrealms got a reaction from Martins Garden in Music streaming industry discussions (soundcloud, mixcloud, spotify, youtube etc)   
    As a dj who does a monthly show, Soundcloud was immense help in the beginning to helping my show gain some following. Now, like Gagarin says, they have changed somewhat, even taking down one of my early shows that had been on for well over a year. Mixcloud works fine but not fantastic as most fans want a download option. I like the youtube format with the ability to put video to the music but my skill in that regard is only at beginner stage.
    I'm not sure soundcloud is going to be useful for dj's in the future. But its like all things in this modern world, rapid change and development of new things.
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    ancientrealms got a reaction from yiannis in What are you listening now?   
    Oh man, so good...

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    ancientrealms reacted to Phase47 in Music streaming industry discussions (soundcloud, mixcloud, spotify, youtube etc)   
    I thought this was interesting. Sam Rosenthal (Projekt Records) posted this a few days ago re: his label's revenue per vendor. No surprise that iTunes is #1, but it's great to see Bandcamp at #2.

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    ancientrealms reacted to DJ Zen in Astral Waves "Magnetique (2015) [Altar Records]   
    "Astral Waves, (aka DJ Zen) founder of Altar Records, has made you ''Magnetique.'' His third studio album.

    With the unforgettable help of some amazing musician friends, this long term project was carefully crafted for over 4 years in studio.
    A very long process where everything had a story.
    Through 8 tracks featuring the collaborations and works of Suduaya and Sukhush, Androcell's track 'Efflorescence' remixed and interspersed with Zen's own 'La Danse des Elfes' and 'Deploie tes Ailes', ''Magnetique'' unfolds good track after track. Sufi's life & Merlin, mystical ambiances from Aureohm, Alwoods and Astral Woods.
    Suntrap is as brilliant as it is in cue as it sounds. Astral Woods warms the mind when it comes to playing good morning tracks. Smooth powerful drones and 4/4 kicks all in balance upon rolling bass-lines.
    Astral Waves has clearly defined his sound and selected highly talented artist's.
    True to his electronic music roots and evolving his arrangement in a beautifully balanced way, ''Magnetique'' is centered in stride to it's depth.
    With a finish that as though waking from a dream, make this one a deeply charming addition to your collection "
    Text written by Alison.
    Astral Waves, the 3rd album "Magnetique" Out now!
    "Listening is a magnetic and strange thing, a creative force. The friends who listen to us are the ones we move toward, and we want to sit in their radius. When we are listened to, it creates us, makes us unfold and expand"

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    ancientrealms reacted to andorra in Psytrance roots (oldschool trance)   
    This is a quote from discogs.com:
    "The next stage in his life that made a great impact was when he discovered that he had a cancer and he should go through intensive course of chemotherapy. During this time Juan found for himself peace and relief in trance music. After one of the treatment sessions Juan arrived to his studio and under the influence of inspiration that came to him he wrote his famous track "Spiritual Healing". After this single was released Juan started to recover and is in better health these days."
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    ancientrealms reacted to 21102021 in Looking for a very old track   
    Lovely song, just what I needed this afternoon
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    ancientrealms got a reaction from Gagarin Project in Psybient samples / Ambient samples / Downtempo Samples   
    The Discrete Energy sample packs are put together by Max Million....not much else to say.
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    ancientrealms got a reaction from yiannis in What are you listening now?   
    Truly inspirational.
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    ancientrealms reacted to yiannis in What are you listening now?   
    One word: bliss!
    First wow artist album of this year for me.    Just the tempo and sounds I love most. Yes, it's a bit, erm, "homogenous" but that doesn't bother me in the slightest.
    BTW, does anyone else pick up the Pink Floyd vibes on some of the tunes?
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    ancientrealms reacted to Gagarin Project in What are you listening now?   
    happy to discover this artist for myself,
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    ancientrealms reacted to Fuluf in news - 2015 - W11 - release of the week poll   
    I myself voted for Dublicator, Erot, Master Margherita and Pulse Mandala. Although there were quite a lot of releases this week and therefore the competition was relatively high, I felt like these were the ones that stood out the most.
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    ancientrealms got a reaction from snowdrop in news - 2015 - W11 - release of the week poll   
    Lots of great releases.
    Three stand out for me.
    The Phobium release takes the cake for me. Fabulous!!!
    Runners up is the Chillum album and Paracontrol EP by Avivmedia.
    Thanks for all the hard work putting these lists together. Makes my life a whole lot easier.
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