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  1. Out now on Dubmission Records Continuum has pulled in artists from across the downtempo spectrum with spectacular results: Spatialize has built a blissful Balearic beat while two7three has captured the moodiness of the original perfectly. We reckon Flexagon's synth heavy mix should be in Blade Runner 2049 while False Identity's remix locks into a glitchy midtempo buzz. The EP is available from Bandcamp and all the usual suspects via http://smarturl.it/risingslowly
  2. REALLY long time, but I think it was worth the effort. I'm really pleased with it
  3. I say old chap, thanks for the kind words, in particular what you say about giving the listener the opportunity to move in to the music, but not the obligation. That was one of my goals. After all, one wouldn't want to impose one's self upon another chap's consciousness in a way which may be considered rude or forthright. That certainly wouldn't be the act of a true gentleman, but rather the action of cad, a bounder, or dare I even say a rotter. It just wouldn't do, old chap. Just wouldn't do!
  4. I'm delighted to announce that my first album 'Become Happier' is now available! It's been a long journey and this album has been with me through some very happy times, and some very sad ones - hence the title. I'm absolutely delighted with the way it's turned out, and I hope you like it too. Thanks to Colin Bennun (Stooodio) for the flawless mastering, and Tash Davy for the lovely hand-drawn cover With lots of love to all my friends and listeners
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