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  1. The recommended operating system version depends on your hard and software. You need to know for which macOS versions drivers for your audio- and midi interfaces are currently supplied and also if the creators of your software have confirmed that the latest updates are usable. For example, Native Instruments warns very often about updating macOS because the software requires updates which need to be created and tested. On the other side, drivers and applications require a minimum version to be usable.
  2. Hello, it is now over four years ago since I released the album "West Meets East". Meanwhile, I published some tracks at soundcloud but I didn't create something which is mixed up more professional, mastered by a sound engineer and released on all major platforms. But a few weeks ago, I started to improve two songs with the goal to release a two-track EP at Bandcamp and via a digital distributor on other download and streaming platforms. I also thought about releasing a 7-inch vinyl single but I discarded this because pressing plants are currently very overloaded and therefore, prices are too high, the waiting times too long and most plants currently reject new orders because they have too much in their pipelines to complete. So it will finally become a digital-only release with the following two songs: Lets Harvest Colors La Laguna Negra Not updated at soundcloud I already replayed the bass guitar and changed the drum sounds at Lets Harvest Colors. On both songs, I optimized the mixer volumes and the EQ settings of the instrument tracks in both songs, changed the velocity of selected notes and modified some parameters of specific synthesizers with the goal to make everything more audible. What are your suggestions what I should also change before I should give the audio files to a sound engineer for mastering?
  3. I don't know how to find serious discussions on social media platforms and I also have no idea how social media pages are found by their users. The sites at social media platforms of which people take notices are also only needles in a big haystack. A few sites are very active but the majority is nearly ignored.
  4. The vinyl master-cutting studios have their specifications which the audio files must met. A CD pre-master almost leads to unusable results if it isn't rejected in advance. If a vinyl production sounds bad, the reason is either that a vinyl pre-master exists, but a bad one - or that the laquer cutter did a bad job.
  5. Shpongle - Nothing Lasts... But Nothing is Lost (remastered) is available now. But for a crazy price around €150: https://shponglemusic.bandcamp.com/album/nothing-lasts-but-nothing-is-lost-remastered
  6. During the black weekend we offer our album for €8.50 at Bandcamp until sunday 23:59 CET. No code required. https://progressive-anarchists.bandcamp.com/
  7. Just finished a new track influenced by Ozric Tentacles, Juno Reactor and California Sunshine
  8. Shpongle - Tales Of The Inexpressible (re-issue on blue vinyl) is still available while the black edition in February was sold out a few hours later: https://shponglemusic.bandcamp.com/album/tales-of-the-inexpressible-remastered
  9. Only one day to go and only 183/300 orders yet. Everyone who wants to give this a chance should hurry now.
  10. A new album from Juno Reactor is upcoming: https://www.junoreactor.com/shop/juno-reactor-the-mutant-theatre-2-x-12-vinyl-signed-copies-pre-order/ Actually, a signed copy can be pre-ordered if anybody wishes this.
  11. There are too many terms to describe styles of music. And each of them describes a constricted musical concept without much tolerance for any individualism. As soon as any musican makes his own thing, people start to critise that the music does not match the strict policies of any of these musical concepts. In my opinion, that is a shame. We should think about less musical styles and tolerate individuality of each artist. So, let psytrance, psychill and psybient be synonyms for each other.
  12. Hidria Spacefolk - Symbiosis https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XQxFAQVVE2A&list=PLA3E82059821541F2 Hidria Spacefolk is a band from Finland combining Space Rock and Suomisaundi. Symbiosis is not their latest album but this one has recently been released on vinyl.
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