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    Sephira got a reaction from Flexagon in I made a thing (c:   
    When I'm not making music I quite like dabbling in projection mapping, content creation and new ways of merging the two. I saw a few example of tape art being used with projections so thought I would have a go (c:

    Excuse the top being cut off, was hard to get my phone balanced
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    Sephira got a reaction from IooN Cosmic Downtempo in Ableton vs Logic vs Fruityloops .... ?   
    I have heard good things about FL.
    I started with Live.
    I now use Logic to produce and Live for performance. Logic, for me personally, is the nicest environment to work in when making music. Cubase also gets good reviews.
    try them all and see what you like.
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    Sephira reacted to Xpander in My opinion of Mr.Ott and his Music   
    No idea what the original poster has put above. You seem like you have lost the plot, what the hell are you on about haha!?

    Anyway while im here, my opinion on Ott is a lot more simple... He is a muscial genius whose music grows, improves, matures and expands the more and more you listen to it. The type of tracks that you can listento 30 times and then on listen 31 you here or feel something completly new.

    The production value is phenomenal and technically outstanding. One of the few artists that makes super-polished sounds that still feel organic and rich by nature. It's like I can taste and feel the textures or it, whilst it remains clean and particular. Not an easy thing to do in modern music in my opinion.
    Each album offers something different and is always unique. I find it sometimes impossible to descrive Ott to someone as the influences are too wide and too diverse, and this again is something that should be celebrated. If you ask people "what is the best Ott album" you will get many different responses; the true sign of a special artist...

    P.s. My favourite is Skylon

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    Sephira got a reaction from snowdrop in Large monitors on small speaker stand platforms...?   
    Don't worry about the surface area of the stand being smaller than the base of the speaker.
    Mine are like that, and it is fine (c:
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    Sephira got a reaction from Gagarin in 16 bit or 24 bit (Questions to producers and Audiophiles)   
    I release music in 16 bit (this is normally what I get back from my mastering engineer).
    I have never tried A/B'ing 16bit and 24bit tbh, I doubt I would notice the difference (although you never know!).
    Personally I don't see the point in releasing 24bit, 9 times out of 10 I assume my music is going to be heard on equipment (headphones, speakers) that wouldn't be good enough to tell the difference. 
    Just my thoughts (c:
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