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  1. Hi everybody ! The last time I posted a sound here, I have had some interesting feedbacks. So I'm here again for the same purpose. How do you feel it, what would you improve or change ? Sadly, it isn't mastered, but before paying someone with the knowledge to do it, I prefer firtsly make a decent track. Thanks for reading, and listening ! https://soundcloud.com/ashmanakash/winding-down-the-rabbit-hole-1
  2. Thanks for all the replies I'm trying using it on ableton, we will see the final result when my last tune will be finished. The truth is my earing is not precise enough to really feel the difference between both tunings Thanks for the equal tempered scale frequency table too
  3. Hi everybody ! I have here some questions about that 432Hz theory. Do you use it on a regular basis ? Do you think it has his place on psychedelic music ? I read that the 440Hz was more an intellectual comprehension of music for the brain, and 432 more emotional. It don't know if it is even true, 'cause the sources are not very scientific, many new age style. While beeing in the right state of mind to listen that kind of music, both intellectual and emotional play their role. That's why I was asking myself, if 432Hz could be a good idea on pads and Fx's, keeping the 440Hz for the arps and melodies... This way, as I understand this kind of music, the enhancement of the experience could be more appreciated. Thanks for reading and giving opinions on that Peace
  4. Thanks to all of you for your advices, and I will work again on that track to try these modifications you write me about Thanks for the encouragement !
  5. Hi everybody ! I introduce myself first, I'm Ashmanakash, a french music producer. I say I'm a producer, the reality is that I started making electronic music one year ago. The link I'm posting here is the first tune I've ever finished, and of course I'm looking for feedbacks, advices on how to progress. It's a kind of psybient track, named Labyrinth. I'm aware that there are still some equalization mistakes to correct and it needs to be masterized. Thanks for listening, and thanks for any helpfull comment you could do ! Peace https://soundcloud.com/ashmanakash/labyrinth-1
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