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    DJ Chien got a reaction from Flexagon in Why no "dark and robotic" psychill? Psychill artists need to think outside the box....   
    Ok, strange cause I feel the exact opposite way (but hey, that's why forums exist ).
    We have to agree on what we call "psychill", but to me, dark and robotic Psychill has been around for a while.
    Like :
    - The whole "ISAM" album by Amon Tobin (some tracks on "Supermodified"  also) :

    Well, if that's not heavy cyborg psychill, I don't know what to say.
    - many works from Vaexth :

    - Mindbuffer as well :

    - some tunes from Circuit Bent also :
    Geez, engines are breathing in here
    - some cyberpunk psychill (well to me, it's chill and psy) with Jason Hou :
    - and Foldy, this one's bonus because it's happy robotic music :
    Then there are some combos which merge (heavy) robotic and some acoustic instruments, maybe less interesting to you though.
    - Mumukshu
    - Zylla, not my fav but if you look for mecha textures, worth checking :
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    DJ Chien got a reaction from Trala Lama in Music buying habits   
    Hehe if one day I limit my records budget that will mean my brain's been eaten and possessed by an alien intelligence and I am no longer a chien.
    Well I must admit my bank account sometimes stares at me with threatening eyes but I'm...uneasy with the idea of a dj preventing himself from acquiring interesting music - for Hofmann's sake that's the basis of our work! (this could be different for a pure producer)
    Since I haven't had a CD player for years, I buy digital - Bandcamp only because then I know money goes into the musician's pocket AND you have the lossless option. And there has to be a psychological factor also
    If the album is more than 15$ it has to be a record I really love and want to dj.
    From times to times I buy vinyls, mainly because I've stumbled on a record that just doesn't exist in digital format (mostly 60's-70's music).
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    DJ Chien reacted to mannybakshi in How long do you sleep?   
    I don't sleep at nights (many years). I usually sleep all day . I listen to music at nights, at night music become more beautiful because everywhere is silence    .
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    DJ Chien got a reaction from Gagarin Project in Future Interviews with Psychill Psybient artists   
    Submission sent.
    Largely interested in joining the team.
    Now time gets more flexible for me and your quest is noble !
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    DJ Chien got a reaction from Gagarin Project in Your favourite books   
    Island, so smart a book...!
    The Art of Listening, by Erich Fromm. For those who are interested in the understanding of everyday human behaviors and basic mechanisms about how we form expectations in life!
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