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  1. Hi !!!!! Long time no release, but at last I made it !!! My cosmic friends, this is the most powerful release I could make as a music producer. I had this vision 3 years ago, to make songs from ambient to dark trance and goes until INFINITE BPM !!! Here it is, 15 tracks + a cosmic poetry about the story of the universe. A total imersive experience ! https://filsdesetoiles.bandcamp.com/album/0-to-infinite Enjoy Nicolas
  2. Salut La prochaine est pour le 11 février https://www.facebook.com/events/366117227094266 En espérant te rencontrer
  3. Salut Feldup Oui je suis sur Toulouse! Si tu es dans le coin j'organise un concert immersif samedi If you have time to listen and make your opinion, you are invited to post a review on the bandcamp page of the album, its always nice for others :)
  4. Dear Cosmic Tribe C'est un immense plaisir / Its an immense pleasure De vous annoncer / To Announce you En ce changement d'année / For this changing year Mon 1er album / My 1st full album __---°°°° MADE FROM LOVE °°°°---__ This album is the result of months of research on space ambient & chill music and psychedelics downtempo sounds. Made with love, from love, to love. https://filsdesetoiles.bandcamp.com/album/made-from-love I deeply and sincerely hope you will enjoy it --- Release date : January 7th ---
  5. Hello cosmic people from the earth ! Im back on ableton with new sounds, this is Infinite Drift, I'd like to get your opinion as I am doing others songs on the same kind of ambient ! Have a safe trip Nico. https://soundcloud.com/filsdesetoiles/infinite-drift
  6. Tried to be into the VA, got a nice critic answer from e-mantra. Of course, all of this is really amazing quality... soooo chill This fast hi-hat on track 2 is nice and original ... but a bit stressing ...
  7. New album here https://filsdesetoiles.bandcamp.com/album/le-voyage-introspectif Also with Uxmal : https://filsdesetoiles.bandcamp.com/album/out-in-orbit-full-release-uxmal-bandcamp
  8. A crazy guy that I met in a rainbow, very inspired !!! Recoded with H2N in my van For track 4, also with H2N ^^ EDIT : I mean track 2 ... they changed the order of tracks, this is crazy man !
  9. The more I listen music, the more I become demanding ... I listen here diferent rythmes, but nothing new about sounds (even mine). I like this zen dub, perfect for sunrise
  10. Dear fellow dreamers and lovers of beauty, I am very proud to announce my first release on a label : Out in Orbit, on Uxmal Records. This is a pure Psybient 4-tracks album with deep songs for a space travel back to your deeper self : 1 - Weightless - 90 BPM 2 - Into the void - 70 BPM 3 - Through the nebulae (Feat. winter solete)- 60 BPM 4 - The traveler star (Feat. Siren) - 70 BPM Preview link (track "Into the void") : https://soundcloud.com/filsdesetoiles/out-in-orbit Full listen and buy link : https://pro.beatport.com/release/out-in-orbit/1685050 Video clip will come soon ... ... Hope you'll enjoy it fully, closed eyes and relaxed. Feedback very appreciated. With love Nicolas
  11. Well when I see more than 1 000 000 views on some youtube psybient mixes, can we call that "underground" ??? ;-) ps ; I started a something on the shared document, need some electronic music historians !
  12. I think I'll take a basis on another article and start something, Thank you for the shared file Here is the article of psychedelism in french, I added the 2 last sentences, can be improved : La psytrance est la branche du mouvement psychédélique associée à la trance. Elle est caractérisée par un rythme rapide et des basses fortes, sans interruption, sans changement et recouvertes par beaucoup d'autres rythmes. Ses principaux berceaux sont Goa en Inde, le Japon, Israël et l'Europe. Plus récemment, un mouvement lié à la Psytrance s'est développé en utilisant des sonorités similaires, à un tempo 2 à 3 fois plus lent : le psybient. Ces deux mouvement prônent souvent des valeurs spirituelles et écologiques.
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