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  1. Astral Waves' new album that was released yesterday. Very good, I remember some of these tracks from previous live sets of Dj Zen few months ago. https://altar.bandcamp.com/album/magnetique-24bits
  2. I like that every songs is an unique journey. I've been almost exclusively listening to psybient and related genres for the past 3 years and I never felt tired of it. It fits with every kind of atmosphere (imo), i can listen to it while falling asleep, while working on something, while chilling with people, i can dance to it, i can walk/run/train to psybient... its limitless. It just put me in a state of mind where im at peace and cool with everything.
  3. CBL was an acquired taste for me. I wasn't really getting into their style at the first few listens, I liked it but it wasn't anything super special to me at the time. Knowing they were so acclaimed I kept trying from time to time until it finally happened once on the coming down of an acid trip. "Supersede" played on my music player (I was in random mode) and it just blew me away. I went and re-listen to most of their stuff after and i've been a fan since. Especially the album Interloper.
  4. Carbon Based Lifeforms - Interloper [Album] would be my favorite! Such a high quality label, though.
  5. Kick Bong - Signal From Space (Semi Official I guess? He asked me to do it, it's on his channel) Jeremy's Aura - Being And Becoming... (This one is on my channel, made for his album release)
  6. I know quite a lot of local producers that has another part of even full time job in addition to making music... Being a succesful psy producer isnt easy .
  7. I came relatively late to the party, starting around 2011 by listening to Shpongle and Entheogenic at first, coming from a psytrance background. I felt in love right away, but didnt know back then that there was a huge world of psybient beside these two acts. Nowdays, I discover new artists weekly and it just never stop. I am not complaining!
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