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  1. Thank you for your kind words Salamantis! :-) I'll be sure to check out Carpe Sonum. I believe Luftrum by Motionfield is the only one of their releases I've heard before.
  2. Thank you Gagarin, I appreciate it! :-) Sure I could say a few words! It's actually very loosely inspired by Interstellar - The Concept is that for some reason earth is close to being uninhabitable, so we have to search for a new one. Track 1-6 are inspired by various terms in relation to the search for habitable planets. You could say that it's the necessities required in order for a planet to be habitable. The remaining tracks is an attempt to convey the psychological side of the situation. 'Preparation' is attempting to illustrate the race against time whilst earth is crumbling around us. 'Publica Animi' (meaning 'State of Mind' which sounded too hip hop hence the latin) is trying to convey how we as humans respond to the situation - We've found a new planet which is good but we are also forced to leave our home. The track is an attempt to convey that struggle. Cryogenic Sleep and Specimen, is inspired by the more practical side to the preparations - we're not really sure about the technology behind cryogenic sleep and we need to bring samples or specimens with us in an attempt to bring something from home. Onward is leading to the next album, since 'The Search' is meant to be the start of a trilogy - next album will most likely be called 'Arrival' continuing directly where 'The Search' left off. :-) That's the inspiration for the album :-)
  3. Greetings! My second album 'The Search' is now out on bandcamp. Go check it out, I would very much appreciate it! https://organicpatterns.bandcamp.com/album/the-search
  4. Greetings from Denmark! My name is Andreas Johansen and I compose ambient/psybient under the moniker Organic Patterns. About 2 months ago I released my debut album Biome, go check it out if you haven't ^^ My music is more or less always based on a theme or concept. When a concept is decided I reflect upon how the composition and each sound should be designed to reflect some part of the theme. When I have some guidelines, I start making my music. The themes or concepts I usually come up with are typically inspired by biology By day I study sound design in Denmark, which I just started last month, it will take 3.5 years to finish, and it's pretty awesome. To name a few of my inspirations I would say Carbon Based Lifeforms is definitely all the way on the top. Their music was the first ambient I'd ever heard, and when I discovered them, I knew that I had to lay hip hop aside and start making ambient, I haven't looked back every since. After discovering CBL I started going through the Ultimae catalogue, and I learned that pretty much everything with the Ultimae stamp on was quality music. Artists like Solar Fields and Aes Dana definitely left a huge impression. Since then I've broadened my horizon with a lot more artists and genres. Last but not least I found this forum through my bandcamp statistics - Thank you Floyd for sharing my album on here :-) Peace OP
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