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    Creating psychedelic 3D geometric visuals :)
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  1. Hey I'm the guy behind UON Visuals, I've been teaching myself animation over the past 4 years to bring bits and pieces of what I've seen during psilocybin/dmt/ayahuasca ceremonies back here. I've put out hundreds of animation loops so far and keep working on more every day! If you'd like to check out my work: http://instagram.com/uon.visuals (My instagram page, where I post a few times a week) http://facebook.com/uon.visuals (My facebook, where I post higher quality videos including my VR animations) If any of you are VJ's, or like to put together visuals for your music mixes, I also sell my loops on my store! They come in both Resolume DXV format (some of them with an alpha channel!) and also MP4 format. They are 1080p/60fps, but recently I've started making 4k/60 loops as well. You can get them here: http://gumroad.com/uon And finally... if anyone has any requests, or suggestions on making my videos work better for them in their work, please let me know! Always looking for feedback
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