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    Chlorophil reacted to Gagarin Project in Gagarin Project - A Merkaba Journey (psybient / psychill / psydub)   
    “Hi Everyone, it’s an honour to present my mix via Chill Space network. I have been collecting various sub-genres from psychedelic chillout universe since 2010. Today I would like to offer you a special tribute mix to one of my favorites labels - Merkaba Music. We explore the realms of mind expanding music, psychedelic grooves for body and soul.
    01. Merkaba - Sky 00:00:00
    02. Kalya Scintilla - The Unfurling 00:03:50
    03. EMOG - Karmarama (feat. Beatfarmer) 00:09:31
    04. Geometrae - Rainmaker 00:14:35
    05. Tactyl - On stir la Band 180 (Feat Capric) 00:21:00
    06. Kalya Scintilla - Scintillating Sands (Pathwey Remix) 00:25:35
    07. JaguarTree - Into the Roots 00:29:25
    08. Symbolico - I'm free 00:34:13
    09. Symbolico - The answer 00:40:00
    10. Tactyl - Buds & Mango 00:45:33
    11. Tactyl - NoRulz 00:50:50
    12. Electrowavez - Mariana Trench (Psychoz Remix) 00:55:24
    13. ElectrowaveZ - The Last Pulse 01:01:43
    14. Animatronix - INA TEK (Seamoon Rmx) 01:06:40
    15. Mystral - Rune 01:14:55
    16. SeaMoon - Archaic Mind 01:20:42
    17. Merkaba - Solaris 01:28:33
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    Chlorophil reacted to Psylicious in Rita Raga - Celestial Being   
    "Celestial Being" is the newest Downtempo promotional set from Rita Raga, featuring tracks by
    Rita Raga and, as featured on Psylicious Radio's Valentines show.
    Rita Raga - singer, music producer, multi instrumentalist, DJ, creating melodic downtempo
    music with ethno and psychedelic inspirations, accompanied by live vocals, electric guitar,
    keys and percussive instruments.


    01: Rita Raga - Fairy Forest - Blue Tunes Chillout
    02: Kalya Scintilla - Light of the North - Merkaba Music
    03: Red Sun Rising feat. Rita Raga - Jutrzenki Brzask - [self Released]
    04: Rita Raga - ID/Unreleased
    05: Rita Raga - ID/Unreleased
    06: Distant System - Gravitational Vortices - Celestial Dragon Records
    07: Mobitex - Ayala - Altar Records
    08: Cabeiri - Mount Nysa - Infinity-Tunes
    09: Rabitza - Tinctura Life - Atmospheric Records
    10: Alwoods - Voice of Sherwood - Altar Records
    11: Rita Raga - Agma - Synchronos Recordings
    12: Rita Raga - Synesthesia - Synchronos Recordings
    13: Rita Raga - ID/Unreleased

    Listen: Click Here

    Rita Raga Bookings | Information | Vocalist Inquiries:
    Psylicious | Rita Raga

    Rita Raga Social Media & Links:
    Facebook: Click Here
    Soundcloud: Click Here
    Mixcloud: Click Here
    Youtube: Click Here
    Beatport: Click Here
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    Chlorophil reacted to dubmission in Pitch Black - Third Light (2019) [Dubmission]   
    Pioneering electronic duo Pitch Black drop their sixth studio album, “Third Lightâ€, on 13th September 2019.

    Their two-decade career of fusing different musical styles is in full effect across the eight track release. Dub, downbeat, techno, drum’n’bass and cinematic ambience are all ingredients in an echo-drenched odyssey that moves the heart and mind and body, as Pitch Black’s distinctive sonic signature of deep analogue dub combines with beats ranging from slinky to slamming and vocals spanning enigmatic to emphatic.

    As the album shifts between dance floor and brain food, it reflects on a world similarly in transition between two states. On the one hand, the planet faces depleting resources and a looming climate emergency; on the other, capitalism and consumerism are marching blindly onwards. As a result of this conundrum, there are many contemplative moments on the album, most notably with the world’s extinction echoing in the ambience of the final track “Did You Get the Messageâ€.

    Despite prevaricating between pessimism and optimism, “Third Light†is far from a depressing record. After all, Pitch Black are far from technological luddites, and just as their futuristic beats strive for a progressive future, so they hope for a more harmonious tomorrow.
    “Third Light†is available on CD or can be downloaded or streamed from the following:
    Apple Music
    Google Play
    They're on tour this October and November
    17/10: Neck of the Woods, Auckland - Tickets from bit.ly/2P0b8zM
    19/10: White Night, Napier - free
    24/10: San Fran, Wellington with Ludus - Tickets from bit.ly/2KFo9dM
    25/10: Church Steps, Nelson - free
    07/11 Sebright Arms, London with Robot Riddims - Tickets from bit.ly/2WyGQCV
    08/11 Sebright Arms, London with Polyop - Tickets from bit.ly/2OyjoDa
    09/11 Aubergine 3000, Paris  with Sound Strider, Sparky Riot, Youthie and Ghost in the Chill - door sales only
    10/11 OCCII, Amsterdam with Uncle Fester on Acid and Ramses - Tickets from bit.ly/2IF1T1i
    13/11 Crofters Rights, Bristol - Tickets from bit.ly/2Xazypd
    14/11 23 Bath St, Frome with Sangita Soundsystem and Brewtski - Tickets from bit.ly/2KxzlLo
    15/11 The Tin Music and Arts, Coventry with dr trippy and 100th Monkey - Tickets from bit.ly/2VFYlBv
    16/11 Panke, Berlin with qnp and Bill Robin - Tickets from bit.ly/2XsFF97
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