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    Advanced Suite, I am a Downtempo Psychedelic-music producer.
    In my younger days I was influenced heavily by the house and underground techno scene. I fell in love with the people the atmosphere and most importantly the music. Over the years I grew my taste for music into numerous different styles of Electronic music, from House all the way to dubstep. Along with numerous different producer names from PJ Palone Jam Akerson, and Patrick Palone. Along my musical journey it became clear that I liked my music slower and trippy. settling in with the style of Downtempo Psychedelic and producer name Advanced Suite.
    Join me in my journey through MY world of Psy.

    Hope you enjoy my music btw and if you do please share it with everybody or somebody or nobody and it will be our little secret. ;-) Thanks for checking out my bio if you liked what you saw or heard follow me, or don't. or maybe tell someone to follow me whatever works best for you thanks again.
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  1. Artist: Advanced Suite Album: TAKING MUSic in tHe ROOMS th&t DreaMT Type: album Style tags: Psydub, Downtempo, Chillout Media type: WEB Year: 2019 Label: Self Release Catalog ID: CAT307328 Length: ~77min official url: https://advancedsuite.bandcamp.com/album/taking-music-in-the-rooms-th-t-dreamt Tracklist: Smooth Showdown I Can't Recall Throbbing Eyes Show Me Beatfarmer - Bubble Squeek (Advanced Suite Squbble Mix) Hits 5,6 and 7 Whispers At Night A Hold Of my Soul Vulgar Jaguar Typtophant - Salix Lacrimosa (Advanced Suite Remix) Existence is Playful The Magic Gone Mix - TAKING MUSic in tHe ROOMS th&t DreaMT
  2. Artist: Advanced Suite Album: Drifting Type: Album Style tags: Psydub, Psybass Media type: Web Year: 2018 Label: Self Released Catalog ID: Length: ~00:94:00 official url: https://advancedsuite.bandcamp.com/album/drifting Tracklist: 1. Are We Ready Now (05:46) 2. Can't Complain (04:38) 3. Dusk Dyea (07:37) 4. E Lastik (07:15) 5. Get Movein (03:57) 6. H Go Lucky (03:23) 7. Its The End (08:30) 8. Microdice (07:06) 9. Right (02:41) 10. Sk8'n (05:46) 11. The Edge (06:27) 12. The Feets (07:14) 13. The Kaleidoscope (08:06) 14. The Underground (07:46) 15. Tilted (07:45)
  3. Artist: Advanced Suite Album: Suite Dreams Type: album Style tags: Psydub, Psychill, Psybass, Psybreaks Media type: WEB Year: 2018 Label: Astropilot Music Records Catalog ID: ??? Length: around 00:65:00 official url: https://astropilotmusic.bandcamp.com/album/suite-dreams Tracklist: Along Came Come On 09:54 Even In Blackouts 08:52 Wafes 07:11 The Otherside 07:20 PsyBounce 06:46 HandHeld Seeds 05:55 Parts And Pieces 06:32 Invitationville 04:24 Daylight By Night 09:12
  4. Artist: Advanced Suite EP: Beyond Closed Eyes Type: EP Style tags: Psydub Media type: WEB Year: 2018 Label: AstroPilot Music Record Label Catalog ID: Length: ~30min official url: https://astropilotmusic.bandcamp.com/album/beyond-closed-eyes-part-i-free-ep Tracklist: 1. Journey Back (07:31) 2. Get In Deeper (06:46) 3. Drifting (06:49) 4. TriEye (08:28)
  5. @andorra You are awesome! Thank you for listening and commenting I am glad you can appreciate it
  6. Artist: Advanced Suite Album: Glossary of Astronomy Type: album Style tags: Psychill/Psybass Media type: WEB Year: 2017 Label: N/A Catalog ID: N/A Length: ~56min official url: https://advancedsuite.bandcamp.com/album/glossary-of-astronomy Tracklist: 1. Exoplanet (07:06) 2. Geostationary (05:16) 3. Hypernova (06:10) 4. Kirkwood Gaps (06:02) 5. Muttnik (04:08) 6. Perigee (04:48) 7. Solar (06:24) 8. Spectroscope (06:15) 9. Translunar (05:17) 10. Waxing (05:44)
  7. Thanks for listening Gagarin! I don't know what "official remix" is tbh but I did get permission and stems from Globular to do the remixes
  8. Hey there all Hope all is well. I have done a couple of Globular remixes that I thought you all might be interested in hearing. Thanks for listening https://soundcloud.com/advancedsuite/globular-tabula-rasa https://soundcloud.com/advancedsuite/globular-tabula-rasa-advanced https://soundcloud.com/advancedsuite/globular-the-horizons-advanced-suite-doubled-remix https://soundcloud.com/advancedsuite/globular-an-upwards-curve-in-the-horizon-advanced-suite-ecccho-edddit
  9. Today I released my second full length album - 9 tracks Free for download Artist: Advanced Suite Album: The Space Between Space Type: album Style tags: Psychedelic, Bass Media type: CD/WEB Year: 2017 Label: N/A Catalog ID: ? Length: 50ish min official url: https://advancedsuite.bandcamp.com/album/the-space-between-space Tracklist: 1. Gumble 2. Life 3. Deepering 4. A Positive electric charge of +1e Elementary 5. Droppling 6. Dirtinies 7. JumpKraft 8. Invation 9. Tract Secpar
  10. Couple of recently finished tracks https://soundcloud.com/advancedsuite/jumpkraft6master https://soundcloud.com/advancedsuite/gumble
  11. This might fit the bill https://soundcloud.com/advancedsuite/jumpkraft6master
  12. These super neat cheat sheets are great! He made other ones for melody writing, leveling, etc. I am betting the melody writing one would apply to most daws that use a chord and scale midi fx
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