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    Advanced Suite got a reaction from andorra in Advanced Suite - Glossary of Astronomy   
    Artist: Advanced Suite
    Album: Glossary of Astronomy Type: album Style tags: Psychill/Psybass Media type: WEB Year: 2017 Label: N/A Catalog ID: N/A Length: ~56min official url: https://advancedsuite.bandcamp.com/album/glossary-of-astronomy   Tracklist: 1. Exoplanet (07:06) 2. Geostationary (05:16) 3. Hypernova (06:10) 4. Kirkwood Gaps (06:02) 5. Muttnik (04:08) 6. Perigee (04:48) 7. Solar (06:24) 8. Spectroscope (06:15) 9. Translunar (05:17) 10. Waxing (05:44)  
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    Advanced Suite reacted to thanosp81 in Globular Remixes   
    Official enough
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    Advanced Suite got a reaction from Iacchus in Transition Fx   
    I am editing this post with "where I got my information" (instead of just trying to explain it   This is from Iacchus he is full of great tips Thanks Iacchus!   I got the info from this blog post which I found very useful http://psy-amb.blogspot.jp/2013/03/psychill-tutorial-tips-and-tricks-part-2.html   How to make a psy squeak:   1. Set your oscillators to saw wave

    2. Attach an LFO to both oscillators pitch. You will hear it sounds a bit like a siren.

    3. Set the filter to a band pass filter. Turn up the resonance.

    4. Experiment moving the cutoff frequency of the filter around. It should start to sound like a psy squeak. You can either get the effect you want my manually automating the cuttoff, another option is to send the cutoff to another LFO that goes at the same speed as the pitch LFO, but in the opposite direction so the pitch goes up as the cutoff goes down. From here you can experiment loads with LFO offsets and slight differences in speed to get cool effects. Consider using two band pass filters in parallel to get 'talking synth' effects, vowel sounds etc

    Extra hints:

    A low note with a large LFO pitch range tends to work best.

    On my synth (Access Virus TI) it sounds better if you turn the ring modulation to maximum, and the unison to 2.

    Automate the pitch LFO speed for cool 'engine speeding up effects'.

    Experiment with delay, reverb, and all manners of other effects to taste.  
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    Advanced Suite got a reaction from floyd2.0 in Sub.Concious - Catalyst (2016) [Shanti Planti] (downtempo, psydub, glitch).   
    Beautifully Erie vibes, deep sweeping bass, interesting drum patterns, vocals that make you think .
    This is a little piece of gold you shared with us, thank you!
    I think that might be bill hicks that I am hearing and that is awesome!
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    Advanced Suite reacted to andorra in Vst Recommendations for Psybass, Psydub, Psychill   
    If you want to try free VST's here is KVR's list of top free VST's
    From free VST's my favorite is TAL Noisemaker. Great little synth There was also free (2 osc) version of U-He's Bazille called Beatzille that is also quite handy little modular style thing.
    My personal favorites are U-He Diva and Lennar Digital Sylenth1. Diva for deep bass, pads and other atmospheres and Sylenth1 for fx, leads, 4/4 bass etc...
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    Advanced Suite reacted to Gagarin Project in forum theme upgrade   
    thank for comments 
    after investigating i see that they made many changes to the forum, as a result of upgrade all our bandcamp players won't work.
    i am not sure i want to struggle for 2 days or more to make things work.... 
    if there are IT guys here who want to spend time in testing new version of forum and making plugin to replace band camp codes for new version let me know.
    my priority is now to fix our main site that became super slow IMHO.
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    Advanced Suite got a reaction from Stellar Flux in some new tracks from me - Stellar Flux   
    Cool stuff man really dig your style. 
     interesting sounds and journey  
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    Advanced Suite got a reaction from Hermetech Mastering in Mastering services for psybient and related genres   
    This is great! I am loving this site more and more every time I get on it! Thank you for this fantastic list and site
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    Advanced Suite reacted to Gagarin Project in Links to tutorials and other useful resources   
    repost from Hermetech Mastering Digital audio is certainly not an intuitive thing. One of the most common pieces of advice given to people is to "high pass filter everything that's not the kick or bass", or even "high pass filter the whole mix in mastering". But any kind of frequency domain change (EQ or filtering etc.) will also change the shape of the waveform, and sometimes push that waveform higher EVEN WHEN CUTTING OR FILTERING! So it's certainly something to be aware of. Here, Paul Frindle does an excellent job of showing this with an oscilloscope:  
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    Advanced Suite reacted to Gagarin Project in Links to tutorials and other useful resources   
    here are two articles from small tips from some of best sound makers in psy ambient music, thank to Psy-Amb for compiling them:
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    Advanced Suite reacted to Gagarin Project in Links to tutorials and other useful resources   
    found this facebook group for psy producers
    i believe that forum are more adapted for this kind of discussions (history, search), but it still might be useful for some of us. They do have good discussions there.
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    Advanced Suite reacted to Johnny Mandrake in Something small from me, just to say hello :)   
    thank you very much for listening
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    Advanced Suite reacted to Gagarin Project in Hello Everybody, My Name Is Advanced Suite   
    welcome )))
    you are welcome to add below or edit your post and add the text from your profile Interests, as i think it is interesting
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    Advanced Suite reacted to Johnny Mandrake in Andorra music (single demo tracks / psybient, downtempo, ambient)   
    really good vibes mate!
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    Advanced Suite got a reaction from Gagarin Project in Hello Everybody, My Name Is Advanced Suite   
    New to the forum but I have been around stalking psybien.org for a while.
    I have been making music all types of electronic music for the past 15 years the last 5 of those years have been spent focusing on psy style music and I feel like I have found my nitch in a mixture of downtempo and psydub/bass. 
    The only problem is I have kept it all to myself and that feels selfish :-/ SOOOOO
    I would love to show you what I have come up with....
    And I would love to know what you think...... 
    Couple of recently finished tracks

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