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Found 87 results

  1. Hey guys, I have an EP out, it'd be cool if you bought it or whatever <3
  2. New to the forum but I have been around stalking psybien.org for a while. I have been making music all types of electronic music for the past 15 years the last 5 of those years have been spent focusing on psy style music and I feel like I have found my nitch in a mixture of downtempo and psydub/bass. The only problem is I have kept it all to myself and that feels selfish :-/ SOOOOO I would love to show you what I have come up with.... And I would love to know what you think...... Couple of recently finished tracks https://soundcloud.com/advancedsuite/jumpkraft6master https://soundcloud.com/advancedsuite/gumble https://soundcloud.com/advancedsuite/globular-an-upwards-curve-in-the-horizon-advanced-suite-ecccho-edddit https://soundcloud.com/advancedsuite
  3. Artist: Sentientism & Axon Genesis Album: Argonautica Type: single Style tags: Psydub Media type: WEB Year: 2016 Label: Self-Released Catalog ID: n/a Length: 00:04:41 official url: https://axongenesis.bandcamp.com/track/argonautica There doesn't appear to be a way to embed bandcamp for a single track on this forum, so please visit this link: https://axongenesis.bandcamp.com/track/argonautica
  4. Hi there everybody! Check out my latest Psydub/Psychill mix, recorded live December 7, 2016. Have a listen on Mixcloud
  5. Zmei

    Zmei - Jino (2016)

    Feel what I feel and be happy) My New Psydub, Psychill Magic Set https://mixcloud.com/zmei/jino/
  6. New album! http://microcosmosrecords.com/mahaon-blue-stars-far-away/
  7. Hello friends! Here you can download all my studio works. https://mahaon.bandcamp.com/music
  8. The set was recorded at the brand new Zodiak club in Brussels on the 7th of October ("RevealZ" party) in the Cosmic Eden room. Some transitions could have been done better but there are some killer tracks anyway that I hope you will enjoy! Inside you will find somewhat Glitchy and Dubby vibes, with allot of recent tunes and a few unexpected twists and turns. Not restricted to one genre, but always with an emphasis on the low end of the frequency spectrum. Especially in the second part of the mix the tempo tends to pick up a bit, touching upon some psychedelic drum & bass and other funky vibes! https://soundcloud.com/alchemist_sc/revealz-live-dj-set-zodiak-club-2016-10-09 Tracklist: 1) Androcell - Frog Pond [self-Released, 2016] 2) Stimulus Timbre - Garden of Rest [self-Released, 2013] 3) Digital Skunk - Taking Wing [Liquid Lounge, 2016] 4) Psyentifica - Queltami [self-Released, 2016] 5) Carbon Based Lifeforms - Photosynthesis (Gaudi Remix) [Leftfield Recordings, 2016] 6) Blue Lunar Monkey - Metta [Tycho Records, 2011] 7) Seamoon - The Center of The Mandala (528 Hz) [Merkaba Music, 2016] 8) Apriori - Facture VIP [Triple Drop Productions, 2016] 9) Atom Session - Autumn Glider [self-Released/Ektoplazm, 2016] 10) Pitch Black - It's the Future Knocking [Dubmission Records, 2016] 11) Kaya Project - Shifting Sands (Kukan Dub Lagan Remix) - Kaya edit [Tribal Shift Records, 2016] 12) Dub Size - The World Is A Fine Place [Dan Dada Records, 2016] 13) Mystical Warrior - Passage To Dub [Dan Dada Records, 2016] 14) PlusStepper - Digital Horns [Original Dub Gathering, 2015]‎ 15) Androcell - Smile on [Altar Records, 2014] 16) Sixis & Expedizion - Awakening World (Bloop Remix) [shanti Planti, 2015] 17) Sixis & Expedizion - Awakening World (Sixis Revision) [shanti Planti, 2015] 18) Xeno - Elevenwoods [into This Wired Abyss, 2015] 19) One Arc Degree - Jupiter Transit [blue Tunes Chillout, 2015] 20) Hinkstep - And A Song For You [Ovnimoon Records, 2013] 21) Bryocon - Subside [Triple Drop Productions, 2016] 22) Carbon Based Lifeforms - Proton / Electron [ultimae Records, 2006] 23) Sixis - Wandering Deeper [Addictech Records, 2015] 24) Silicon Slave - Corporate Furry [beanstalk Records, 2016] 25) Kalya Scintilla - Acacia [Merkaba Music, 2016] 26) Blue Lunar Monkey - The Unknown [Altar Records, 2016] 27) KEEMIYO - Serendipity [Altar Records, 2016] 28) KEEMIYO - Fractal Universe [Altar Records, 2016] 29) Unknown Reality - Fresh Fruit [self-Released, 2016] 30) Astral Waves, Sufi's Life & Merlin - Le Rêve Eveillé [Altar Records, 2015] High-quality downloads are enabled on soundcloud. Also thanks to =ҒLΦɎD= for the pic.
  9. Artist: Kalakmul Album: The Simplest Way to Nothing Type: DJ mix Year: 2016 Label: Tohu Bohu Recordings Length: 00:51:16 official url: http://www.kalakmul.com 1. Three Stones (6:16) 2. Anitya (6:48) 3. Anybody Home (6:15) 4. Kingdom of the Snake (7:03) 5. Khufu (6:43) 6. Uba Buba Buba (6:28) 7. Nyam Nyam (7:26) 8. Detachment (5:36) 9. The Simplest Way to Nothing (51:16)
  10. Artist: Kalakmul Album: The Simplest Way to Nothing Type: album Style tags: Psydub, Psybient, Ambient Media type: WEB Year: 2016 Label: Tohu Bohu Recordings Length: 00:51:16 official url: http://www.kalakmul.com 1. Three Stones (6:16) 2. Anitya (6:48) 3. Anybody Home (6:15) 4. Kingdom of the Snake (7:03) 5. Khufu (6:43) 6. Uba Buba Buba (6:28) 7. Nyam Nyam (7:26) 8. Detachment (5:36) 9. The Simplest Way to Nothing (51:16) http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/kalakmul
  11. Hello guys, Last weekend I had the chance to play at the "United Spirits" gathering here in Belgium. This is the result: a gently evolving set starting with Psychill and Psydub, going into more roots-oriented sunny Dub and to conclude some heavy steppers. Tracklist: 1) Hang Massive - Once Again [self-Released, 2014 re-issue] 2) Supersillyus - Charade [Gravitas Recordings, 2016] 3) AtYya - Sixth Serpent [iboga Records, 2016] 4) Sergio Walgood - Timeshift Lapse [Psyderweb Records, 2013] 5) Supersillyus - Enigmagician [Maia Brasil Records & Omnitropic, 2014] 6) Living Light - War of Consciousness (Kaleidoscope Jukebox Dub) [Desert Trax, 2015] 7) Shpongle - The Stamen of the Shamen [Twisted Records, 2005] 8) Geoglyph - The Philosopher King [Liquid Lounge, 2016] 9) Ultramorphic - To Live By The Sea [Liquid Lounge, 2016] 10) Grouch - Soul Provider [self-Released, 2013] 11) Grouch - Drowning in Dub [Enig'matik Records, 2011] 12) Tara Putra - Euro Bongs [Purple Hexagon Records, 2015] 13) Hang Massive & J Rokka Ft. Victoria Grebezs - Marine Migration (Gaudi Rmx) [self-Released, 2016] 14) Kanka - Doodidoo Dub [self-Released, 2015] 15) Dub Dynasty feat Cologne - Footsteps Dub [steppas Records, 2016] 16) Dub Dynasty feat Cologne - Footsteps [steppas Records, 2016] 17) Brain Damage meets Vibronics - Letter Dub [Jarring Effects, 2013] 18) Alpha Steppa feat Prince Jambo - Mix Up Fix Up [steppas Records, 2015] 19) Alpha Steppa feat Prince Jambo - Mix Up Fix DUB [steppas Records, 2015] 20) Art-X feat The Roots Addict - Wada [ODGPROD, 2016] 21) Art-X feat SoulNurse - City's too Ruff [ODGPROD, 2016] 22) Dub Dynasty feat Cian Finn - Blessings Dub [steppas Records, 2014] 23) Dub Dynasty feat Cian Finn - Blessings (Original mix) [steppas Records, 2014] 24) Alpha Steppa feat I-Sarana - The Eternal River [steppas Records, 2015] 25) Alpha Steppa feat I-Sarana - The River [steppas Records, 2015] 26) Mr Zebre - Anthem [Rootical Attack Records, 2014] 27) Ondubground - Step 4 Yah [ODGPROD, 2014] 28) Dopus Ei - Dreadlock Diaries [unreleased] 29) Art-X feat The Roots ADdict - From Midle East [ODGPROD, 2016] 30) Nibana - Our Eyes [Maia Brasil Records, 2014] Best enjoyed on a bass-heavy system or headphones I think! High-quality downloads are enabled.
  12. Here I am again with a brand new mix! The set starts with mellow psydub, into more active and funky stuff and finally towards more familiar downtempo and ambient music. I recorded this on 27/05/2016 on the "Into Ambient" party @ Kraaienest, Gent, Belgium. Downloads are enabled. Constructive feedback or comments on soundcloud always welcome! Tracklist: 1) Dreadlock Tales - Gravity Equals Love (Alternate Mix) [GreenTree Records, 2014] 2) Pitch Black - Transient Transmission [Dubmission Records, 2007] 3) Pitch Black - Transient Transmission (Deep Fried Dub's Battered Mix) [Dubmission Records, 2009] 4) Vlastur Meats Nibana - S.P. [Melusine Records, 2016] 5) Quanta - Uprising (Lubdub Remix) [shanti Planti, 2016] 6) Green Beats - Dub 180 [Nutek Chill, 2015] 7) Ishdub - Roots (Green Beats Remix) [Kupuri Music, 2015] 8) Ohuican & Nahuatl Jaguar - Sobre 4 Aguas (Deep Fried Dub Refried Remix) [Dubmission Records, 2015] 9) Dub Size - Beyond The Sky [sUBBASS, 2015] 10) Astral Travel Agency - Natural state [self-Released, 2016] 11) Tara Putra - Dubland Mountains (Bioscape remix) [Purple Hexagon Records, 2016] 12) Easily Embarrassed - The Capital [Maia Brasil Records & Omnitropic, 2014] 13) Easily Embarassed - Smooth Operator [Mystic Sound Records, 2016] 14) Master Margherita - Kaldaf Funk (Saz mix) [MikelaBella Records, 2015] 15) Gnomes of Kush - God's Gift (Hibernation's Sparser Remix) [Tribal Shift Records, 2015] 16) Ishdub and Pablo P.G. - PGish [Nutek Chill, 2013] 17) Supersillyus - Enigmagician [Maia Brasil Records & Omnitropic, 2014] 18) Living Light - War of Consciousness (Kaleidoscope Jukebox Dub) [Desert Trax, 2015] 19) Shpongle - The Stamen of the Shamen [Twisted Records, 2005] 20) Geoglyph - The Philosopher King [Liquid Lounge, 2016] 21) Ultramorphic - To Live By The Sea [Liquid Lounge, 2016] 22) Ajja & Cosmosis - Aquamarine [Peak Records, 2014] 24) Illegal State of Mind - Distractions [sUBBASS, 2015] 25) Dr Roots, Nya & Master Margherita - Time to Dub (dub mix) [MikelaBella Records, 2008] 26) Flowertz - Ancient future [self-Released, 2015] 27) Aes Dana - Alkaline (feat. MikTek) [ultimae Records, 2015] 28) Hol Bauman - We are analog [ultimae Records, 2008] 29) Lauge & Baba Gnohm - Verdens Største Satellit (Remastered) [self-Released, 2011] 30) Lauge & Baba Gnohm - Structures (Remastered) [self-Released, 2011] 31) E-mantra - Echoes of an Empty Room (Hotep remix) [Altar Records, 2012] 32) E-mantra - Silence (RMX 2016) [Melusine Records, 2016] 33) Aes Dana - Leylines (Remastered) [ultimae Records, 2015] 34) Sync24 - DOT [ultimae Records, 2007] 35) Lauge & Baba Gnohm - Nordlys [self-Released, 2011] ... Artwork by Andolsek Eugene. The last part of the set was cut off, and some EQing did not get into the final recording, but I hope you enjoy it anyway ^^
  13. Hi to alll.. If you enjoy psydubby vibes, long tracks, juicy grooves and psychedelic melodies, then please have a listen, share, dance to it, fly with it, or do whatever you like.. Hope you enjoy the music.... Artist: The Flying Mars Album: Vibradimensional Experience Media type: Digital Year: 2016 Label: Altar Records Bandcamp Link: https://altar.bandcamp.com/album/vibradimensional-experience-24bits Junodownload: http://www.junodownload.com/products/the-flying-mars-vibradimensional-experience/3033166-02/ Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/the-flying-mars
  14. https://soundcloud.com/bakelite-1/bakelite-003?in=central-dogma-records-ii/sets/bakelite-mixed-sessions A new mix is been recorded each month to bring some of the greates tunes ever made for all those psychedelic souls looking for a journey to the stars... For this Journey music by Zpiral, Ekoplex, Bloop, Flowertz, Quirk, Globular, Shamanizm Parallelii, UCHU, Flux Vortex, Rukirek. Tracklist: 1.- Its Bright If You Can See - Zpiral 2.-Tales From Colored Tepee - Shamanizm Parallelii 3.-The Thousand And The Second Night - Shamanizm Parallelii 4.-Nama - Ekoplex 5.-A Shift In Perspective - Bloop 6.-Mystical Call - Flowertz 7.-Floating Planet - Quirk 8.-Playing For Rain - Globular 9.-Autumn Kailash - Shamanizm Parallelii 10.-Information - UCHU 11.-Squelch - Flux Vortex 12.-Last Step Before The Crash Of It All... And Go Again - Rukirek More: www.centraldogma.com.mx facebook.com/bakelitecdr
  15. Greetings fellow travellers, I know this is the DJ mixes forum and still not sure if it's the right place to post Live Sets, but here we go anyway! Here is the live set I performed at the Chill Stage at Rainbow Serpent Festival 2016 in Australia: Here are some links to my music and my FB page also: https://alayasounds.bandcamp.com/releases https://www.facebook.com/alayasounds/ Enjoy : )
  16. Artist: Suns Of Arqa Album: All Is Not Lost, All Is Dub Type: Remix Compilation Style tags: downtempo, dub, electronica, psybient Media type: DIGITAL Year: 2015 Label: Liquid Sund Design Records Catalog ID: LSDCD93 URL: http://triskelemanagement.com/promotion/lsd/soarmx/soarmx.html Remix Artists: Tor.Ma In Dub, Total Eclipse, Eat Static, Kukan Dub Lagan, Kuba, Youth, Saafi Brothers Order Yours on Bandcamp: https://liquidsounddesignuk.bandcamp.com Suns Of Arqa - All Is Not Lost, All Is Dub :: The Remixes (compiled by Robin Triskele) Liquid Sound Design has something very special for you... A statement of intent as we unleash a brace of unforgettable remixes by Suns Of Arqa album - All Is Not Lost, But Where Is It?. Ft legends Raja Ram, Youth and John Cooper Clarke. Featuring seven new and exclusive remixes, this compilation boasts an impressive set of collaborations from old school pioneer psychedelic dub legends and brilliant new school cutting edge dubbers. With a stellar line up artists such as Eat Static, Kuba, Total Eclipse, Saafi Brothers, Youth, Kukan Dub Lagan and Tor.Ma In Dub, you can be sure this album delivers on many levels and delights. With the strictest levels of psychedelic, super chilled, dance floor excellence and artistic criteria of the highest order and a mystery school commitment to music that penetrates previously unknown cosmic dimensions....we very loudly and proudly present a compilation we are all astounded by and very proud to be involved in. This album boasts an impressive tracklist of old school and new school dubbers ! 1. Mother Tongue (Total Eclipse rmx) 2. Sadrayama (Saafi Brothers rmx) 3. Erasmus Dub ( Kukan Dub Lagan rmx) 4. The Fool Ascends- (Tor.ma In Dub rmx) 5. Discordant Dawn (Kuba rmx) 6. The Truth Lies Therein (Eat Static rmx) 7. Pablos Lament (Youth rmx) released December 10, 2015
  17. Mix Psybient / Psychill / Ambient WEB 27-12-2015 Bakelite 73:47 https://soundcloud.com/central-dogma-records-ii/bakelite-001 Bakelite 001 If you are more on to the downtempo and ambient organic sound you will find a great selection of tracks in this mix by Bakelite Music our Sub Label, a new mix is been recorded each month to bring som eof the greatest tunes ever made for all those psychedelic souls looking for a journey to the stars... Music by: Logarythm, Bloop, Chronos, Dubz Cooker, Expedizion, Rubirek, False Identity, Therange freak in Dub, Maiia, UCHU, Jeremy`s Aura; Ishdub, Radioactive Sandwich and moore... www.centraldogma.com.mx
  18. https://soundcloud.com/shaman-flux/in-the-meadow I'm trying to improve my story-telling through music. I'd love to hear what this track evokes to you. What settings and characters came to mind? Thanks!
  19. I saw a post on here asking if there were any good tibetan/chinese influenced psydub tracks. I couldn't find any so I gave it a try myself. I hope you like it! https://soundcloud.com/shaman-flux/six-bardo-dub-wip
  20. Artist: Desert Dwellers Album: The Great Mystery Remixes Part 2 Type: EP Style tags: World ,Ethno, Downtempo, Psychill Media type: DIGITAL Year: 2015 Label: Global Dragon Official URL: http://desertdwellersmusic.bandcamp.com/album/the-great-mystery-remixes-part-2
  21. Ephemeral Mists - Geometry of the Sacred Serpent 1. Ghosts in the Desert 2. Star Lit Rainbow Shadows 3. Lost Child of the 7th Moon 4. The Eye of Hurricane Cassandra Geometry of the Sacred Serpent
  22. DJ Paul Katz

    DJ Paul Katz

    Hi folks, this is DJ Paul Katz from Germany. I focus on all modern dub styles. From Psydub, Digital Dub up to Dubstep. My sets are mostly deep with some ethnic influences. All mixes are 320kbps and tracks are paid to support the artists. Therefore you can only find my sets on mixcloud: https://www.mixcloud.com/PaulKatz/ Enjoy! -Paul
  23. Artist: BEAT D FENDER Album: NO BARRIER Type: EP Style tags: PSYBIENT; PSYDUB; DOWNTEMPO Media: Web Year: 2015 Label: SELF RELEASED Length: 25,28 Official url: https://soundcloud.com/beat-d-fender/sets/no-barrier-ep
  24. We released this record digitally earlier this year, but have waited to post til now due to delays in the physical distribution network. Thankfully the CD is now available worldwide For his first Dubmission album release, Rafael Hernandez, AKA Tor.Ma in Dub, has delivered a storming selection of tracks. Inspired by his love of both psy and dub he has radically remixed ten Mexican trance anthems from the last 15 years in a dub style. Demonstrating a broad knowledge of dub culture, and of how bass music has evolved, the remixes range in technique from classic roots to UK steppers to dubstep (though thankfully there is not much of the latter) to Kruder & Dorfmeister style laidback lounge vibes. The Mara’akames are Huichol shamans who oversee peyote rituals in Mexico, and this release is suitably dipped in the psychedelic world. As Tor.Ma puts it ….. “For me, the sound and the vibe on this is the right one to have a great time, dancing and tripping: the twisted sounds, groove and basslines are a combination to make you move your booty, shake your mind and put a smile on your face.†If you fancy a free taster, please download his remix of Ecliptic here
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