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Found 2 results

  1. Good evening everybody. I thought this was worth bringing to your attention. Releases on 1st May ... it features some of the best ambient you will hear including music by yours truly so please check it out and if you like what you hear spread the word and help support this great community. Thank you. Peace. https://ambientonline.bandcamp.com/album/ambient-online-compilation-volume-9-part-one
  2. Hello all. I have recently joined this community and I really love the vibe that's being promoted here. It's also great to find a group of individuals who share the same musical tastes as myself. When I'm not a listener I am a creator. Here's a sample of one of my latest pieces which features in the Ambient Online Compilation Volume 8 which was released earlier this year (which I also encourage you to check out and support if you like your music on the ambient side). https://soundcloud.com/realmuk/synesthesia Many thanks for listening and I hope you enjoy it.
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