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Found 1 result

  1. Edit: I added two new songs to the album, and therefor I have updated information in this post, also you should know that track number 2,3, and 4 on this release hardly fall into the category Psybient. Edit#2: New Cover too for the EP added. Edit#3: New track added, and the order of the tracks rearranged. Edit#4: Sorry, but this album developed into something else than first intended, now having 13 tracks, where only few of them can be characterized as Psybient. If a moderator want to delete this thread, because the album no longer really fit into the intention of this forum, I will be perfectly fine with it. Artist: Flystyrt Album: Centrum, det falske sted! Type: EP (4 tracks) Style tags: Ancient percussive ambient, Psybient, Spoken Word, Poetry Media type: WEB (Bandcamp for now, later - most likely during May - iTunes, Amazon, Spotify e.t.c) Year: 2016 Label: Flystyrt Catalog ID: 0030 Length: 00:11:50 Official url: https://flystyrt.bandcamp.com/album/centrum-det-falske-sted Tracklist: 1. Twebakka Von Laban (4:07) 2. Frysetøret Bevidsthed (2:58) 3. #001121121 (1:09) 4. Klovn (1:30) 5. Centrum, det falske sted! (3:15) Here's the lyrics to the tittle track (including English translation): Lav 10 englehop på stedet, forestil dig samtidigt, at Jorden følger dine bevægelser, således at dine fødder på intet tidspunkt modvirker tyngdefeltet. Tænk på at du er en lille blåglaseret hul lerbold, der bugter sig i oceanernes bølger. Løb med lukkede øjne ned til nærmeste busstoppe sted, mens du fastholder billedet for dit indre blik. Stå på den første bus, og fortsæt din rejse ind i natten. Translation: The center, the false spot! Do 10 jumping jacks on the spot, Imagine at the same time that the Earth follows your movements so that your feet at no time counteracts the gravitational field. Remember that you are a small blue glazed hollow ball of clay, meandering in the oceans' waves. Close your eyes and run to the nearest bus stop while maintaining the picture in your mind's eye. Jump on the first bus, and continue your journey into night. Cover art: The track number 1 and 5 were programmed, recorded, mixed and mastered by Jacob Læby in just 3 days, from the 9th of May to the 11th of May 2016, track number 2 and 4 were old tracks with new vocals recorded in the same day as well as mastered and mixed, track number 5 was a reedit of an old track with added vocals, made in about an hour. Flystyrt is an experimental musical solo project of Jacob Læby, evolving around own Danish poems.
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