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Found 10 results

  1. A brief history of psytrance culture & production. Podcast available on youtube +video footage: https://www.youtube.com/DJopensource Find my latest release on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/2gponzmhHF1GO3L7J4Ox9B My site: https://www.DJopensource.com
  2. Ok experts. Lets hear about Eqing. How do you deal with it with the drums? On pads? On atmospherics? On melodies? Do you eq every single channel and also a master? Do you start to eq immediately or do you like to have basic structure in first? Any experience would be great.
  3. Does anyone use iPad for producing or in live use? Recommend some app's that are fun and useful. How is your iPad connected with other hardware? Sync etc.?
  4. Hi guys! My favourite delay plugin has been NastyDLY by Variety Of Sound but it's Windows only. I'm looking for good and versatile alternatives that are released both Windows and Mac. What are yours most favourite delay plugins? https://varietyofsound.wordpress.com/2010/10/25/nastydla-final-teaser-and-release-info/
  5. Hi! I was wondering if anyone has any experience with Elektron Octatrack? Specs with 8 sample channels and 8 midi channels is quite tempting for live use. I have tried it very quickly only once but I liked the idea how it works and how versatile the sampling can get.
  6. When I first started trying to produce I always started with the kick and bass. I knew I wanted to be in the psy ambient realm of music. This starting place simply never went anywhere for me. After experimenting and discovering some other well established artists who were sharing their own techniques...I now start by creating pads and textural sounds. I decide what key to use then simply spend some time layering smooth/ambient/textural sounds together. I am in no way an expert but i have progressed rapidly finding a way to start something. The track takes on its own course most of the time. I have spent lots of time dissecting tracks I want to sound like or create something similar. I think this is important, especially for learning arrangement, but it seems whenever I attempt to actually create a track with similar sounds I fail miserably. The track needs its own place and its own sound. So far starting this way has helped tremendously. Would love to read what others do.
  7. Hi there, just a topic to share links for free royalty free samples! To start here's a free set of 500 kickdrums! http://howtomakeelectronicmusic.com/markus-hakalas-kicks-all-in-one-500-free-kicks-in-total The samples are in 24 bit WAV format, tuned into key (and labeled after it), royalty free and you’re free to use them in your commercial or non-commercial musical productions.
  8. You guys have these small Korg Volca series synths/samplers in use? What are your thoughts? Good value for the price? Might be fun add to live set or just play around. I've been thinking to purchase Volca Sample or/and FM but I'm not sure yet..
  9. Let's talk about delays! Since delays play quite important role in psybient production I'd like to hear your thoughts in this. What's your secret weapon? How do you use delays? Let's share tips and knowledge about using delays in psybient production.
  10. Hi guys, I have few question about reverbs and how you use them. First of all, what's your favorite reverb (VST) you like to use as your workhorse? How many reverbs do you use in a song and how do they differ from each other? I mean do you have for example one reverb for hihats, other for snare and claps and one more with a bit different settings for synths or even for every synth it's own reverb? What's you workflow here? I'd love to hear some tips and practices of the use of reverbs. Thanks!
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