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Found 6 results

  1. Hi, I'm trying to make for an assigment a video mapping projection in which the video reacts to what is happening in the webcam, I know that Resolume Arena can be use for such purposes, but I'm trying to find a free software alternative, or atlist one that is least expensive and for it to be watermark free, does anybody have any suggestions? Also if anyone knows of any good tutorials to get started it will be aswell appreciated !!
  2. Does anyone use iPad for producing or in live use? Recommend some app's that are fun and useful. How is your iPad connected with other hardware? Sync etc.?
  3. OK, that's it! I'm kicking my old laptop through the window after to many crashes this month! The old machine from hell is a i5 intelcore, 460MB processor, windows 7... Now, i'm thinking to get me a mac again. prolly a mac book pro. i would use it only for music storing and digital DJ'ing with trakor. i'm planning to get me a NI S5 controller in the future. so the laptop has to be quick enough to handle big controllers (with multiple screens, stems etc). But, i'm reading here: http://djtechtools.com/2015/03/09/why-you-wont-be-djing-with-the-new-macbook. that the new serie of mac book pro's only have 1 USB input, that's it! and i'm reading here: https://www.native-instruments.com/forum/threads/macbook-air-in-dj-booths.218729/ that a lot of DJ's have trouble playing there S2/S4 controller with a mac book pro. So guys, what machine are U using and what would U think is a good machine for modern digital DJ'ing.
  4. Many of you are probably familiar with HG Fortune, he made pretty great and unique sounding plugins. Most of them are very good at producing long, diverse and evolving pads and drones. A lot of them are wavetable synths, some with interesting mechanics and options, and some also have "the lazy button" which randomly generates a preset for you (which can be really fun). The man unfortunately passed away in 2014, however on the bright side all of the pro versions of his plugins are now freeware. If you somehow haven't stumbled upon these yet, give them a go. The only downside is that they are all 32 bit as far as I'm aware, and some might feel bit outdated maybe (but just maybe). I also recommend reading the manual first for some of them. Anyways, here's where you can download them: Individually - http://www.vst4free.com/index.php?dev=HG_Fortune&l=0 Bundled together - https://archive.org/details/HGFortuneNFG
  5. Bought me yesterday some new tracks from Bandcamp. Safed them into my 'bandcamp'-map. Got them into Traktor to analyze them and some tracks doesn't work. Traktor doenst analyze them, don't load them into a deck (get the message: 'file can not be played, the file can be missing, corrupt or unsupported')... i find that very strange Other tracks i bought at the same time work perfect in Traktor. So a number of tracks doesn't play at Traktor, other tracks work perfectely. All tracks come from the same 'map', all tracks are .wav. i can play all tracks (also the tracks that don't play in traktor) on itunes. Does anyone have a clue what i'm doing wrong?
  6. Hi, i am using this small software and in general last.fm website since few years, it allows me to gather statistic of what i have listened via Itunes, iphone and find similar artists and event events. i advise ti try for all music lovers. It is totally free. i use it with itunes, but i am prettu sure you can use it with VLC and other common players. http://www.last.fm/en/download about app: The Scrobbler automatically fills your library and updates it with what you’ve been listening to on your computer. Enhance your listening experience, stay up-to-date with what your friends are listening to, view your listening history and share it with friends. The more Last.fm learns what you like, the better it gets. enjoy
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