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Found 5 results

  1. Artist: Cabeiri Album: Molecule Language Type: Digital Album Style tags: electronic, downtempo, progressive chill Release year: 2019 Label: Altar Records All links: ► bnd.lc/molecule Finally the long awaited album of unreleased tracks from Cabeiri brothers is out ! "Molecule Language" is a collection of their rare and unreleased tracks since the beginning of the project that started somewhere in Greece, long ago... Altar is proud to support this release with an exclusive cover art made by no other than Justin Totemical. The Cabeiri vibe from their beginnings is back... Deep, twisted downtempo sounds wrapped up into a mystical and magical aura. Cabeiri Captains are just awaiting you to embark on a 3-hour journey at the corner of the universe... 🖤 released August 16, 2019 ♪♫ W&P by Nickolas and Dimitris Vavalos, Greece ► Mastered by DJ Zen @ Altar bnd.lc/AltarRecords www.altar-records.com except 'Creating Destiny (Alternative Edit)' mastered by Aes Dana @ Ultimae Studios, France ultimae.com ► Artwork by Justin Totemical www.facebook.com/Totemical.Art/ www.totemical.com Offered in 24bit studio master except for 'Persephone' and 'Hunter's Dream' , offered in 16bit digital audio. |ARCDA96| Tags electronic downtempo progressive chill psy-chill psychill psytrance Greece
  2. Sufi's Life - Quantum Secrets [ARCDA73 Altar Records 2017] (psybient, chillout, electronic, downtempo) Artist: Sufi's Life Album: Quantum Secrets Type: Album Style tags: psybient, chillout, electronic, downtempo Media type: Digital, CD-R Release year: 2017 Label: Altar Records Today with the full-length release of 'Quantum Secrets', Sufi's Life aka Jovan Tot from Serbia has made his dream come true! Sufi's Life music is deeply touching and straight to the heart. He is one of a kind trained musician who love to take his time to craft musical pearls. His goal is to make them perfect to shine bright for the eternity. Music for the people to illuminate the soul and magnify the inner light is of fundamental importance for Jovan. And so, without further delay, let's dive into the universe of 'Quantum Secrets'. Enjoy credits released October 3, 2017 W&P by Jovan Tot, Serbia: www.facebook.com/SufisLife/ except: -Track #5 with Ancient Core aka Mihai S. Cadar & Alexandru Marius Bodochi & Elianna Dulce www.facebook.com/AncientC0re/ -Track 7 & 9 with Merlin aka Slobodan Gacesa www.facebook.com/merlinaltarrecords/ Artwork by Aleksandar Kenzo Zlateski: www.facebook.com/Aleksandar.Kenzo.Zlateski www.behance.net/aleksandarzlateski Mastering by DJ Zen @ Altar Records www.facebook.com/AltarRecords www.altar-records.com More tracks from Sufi's Life can be found here: compiledbydjzen.bandcamp.com/track/sea-vibes-24 compiledbydjzen.bandcamp.com/track/beyond-senses-24-2 compiledbydjzen.bandcamp.com/track/shamanic-touch-24 merlin-music.bandcamp.com/track/sunset-dream-24 astralwaves.bandcamp.com/track/le-r-ve-eveill-24 suduayamusic.bandcamp.com/track/sufis-life-merlin-remix |ARCDA73|
  3. Artist: E-Mantra Album: Raining Lights Type: album Style tags: psybient, chillout, electronic... Media type: Digital + CD Year: 2015 Label: Altar Records official url: https://altar.bandcamp.com/album/raining-lights-24bits
  4. A mix filled with deep pounding psybient and slow trance grooves, hovering around 90-110bpm. A good way to start the new year if you ask me! Some parts in the first 30 minutes might be a bit 'cheesy' for some people's taste, but oh well If you don't like it you can skip further! Artist: Alchemist Style tags: Psybient / Deep Trance / Psychil Date: 31-12-2015 Length: 80:37 Tracklist: 1. Reasonandu feat. Suduaya - Moon Cloud [Altar Records, 2015] 2. Lauge - Vandrigen [iboga Records, 2015] 3. Erot - Atmos (Meridiem Mix) [Altar Records, 2012] 4. Lemonchill feat. Kota - Premonition [Random Records, 2012] 5. Lemonchill - Anima Mea (Alwoods Remix) [Ovnimoon Records, 2013] 6. Specialmind - The Missing Particle [sentimony Records, 2012] 7. Cosmic Replicant - Enter The Void [Altar Records, 2012] 8. Alwoods - Rain of Shooting Stars [Altar Records, 2013] 9. Lab's Cloud - Found The Way [Altar Records, 2014] 10. Desert Dwellers - View Lanikea (Kaminanda Remix) [self-released, 2015] 11. Chronos - Sequenced Engine (Progressive Mix) [Mystic Sound Records, 2015] 12. Phobium - Towards Proxima Centauri [Omnitropic, 2013] 13. Lab's Cloud - The Kundalini Ascension [Nutek Records, 2011] 14. Lemonchill - I Missed A Heart Beat (Deep In Mind Remix) [uxmal Records, 2015] 15. Erot - Eclipse (Suduaya Remix) [Altar Records, 2012] 16. Stefan Torto - Converting Silence [Cosmicleaf Records, 2014] 17. Aureohm - Exploration [Purple Hexagon & Trimurti Records, 2015] Downloads are enabled
  5. "Astral Waves, (aka DJ Zen) founder of Altar Records, has made you ''Magnetique.'' His third studio album. With the unforgettable help of some amazing musician friends, this long term project was carefully crafted for over 4 years in studio. A very long process where everything had a story. Through 8 tracks featuring the collaborations and works of Suduaya and Sukhush, Androcell's track 'Efflorescence' remixed and interspersed with Zen's own 'La Danse des Elfes' and 'Deploie tes Ailes', ''Magnetique'' unfolds good track after track. Sufi's life & Merlin, mystical ambiances from Aureohm, Alwoods and Astral Woods. Suntrap is as brilliant as it is in cue as it sounds. Astral Woods warms the mind when it comes to playing good morning tracks. Smooth powerful drones and 4/4 kicks all in balance upon rolling bass-lines. Astral Waves has clearly defined his sound and selected highly talented artist's. True to his electronic music roots and evolving his arrangement in a beautifully balanced way, ''Magnetique'' is centered in stride to it's depth. With a finish that as though waking from a dream, make this one a deeply charming addition to your collection " Text written by Alison. Astral Waves, the 3rd album "Magnetique" Out now! http://altar.bandcam...gnetique-24bits http://www.altar-rec...sletter_58.html http://www.altar-rec...magnetique.html http://altar.bandcam...lbum/magnetique http://www.altar-rec...stralwaves.html "Listening is a magnetic and strange thing, a creative force. The friends who listen to us are the ones we move toward, and we want to sit in their radius. When we are listened to, it creates us, makes us unfold and expand"
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