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Found 9 results

  1. Evening all, Super excited to have a new immersive sound journey to share with you all. Volume 15 of my Dreamtime Diaries series, these beautiful, nourishing, psybient sounds will melt away tensions, leaving you all refreshed & relaxed (hopefully, hehe!) https://soundcloud.com/delightful_imperfections/dreamtime-diaries-vol-15-beautiful-you This is truly my favourite kind of chill Sending massive waved of appreciation to all the artists for their lovely sounds 1. Ancestral Elephants - Indigena (ALUNA Revision) 2. Zen Baboon - Full Belly 3. Vena Portae - Coral 4. Man Of No Ego & Logical Elements - It's All In The Mind 5. Nada - Earthgarden 6. Sacred Seeds - Silent Light 7. Logical Elements - When Soul (Morning mix) 8. Carbon Based Lifeforms - Path of Least Resistance 9. Saranankara - Cosmic Signals 10. Ancestral Elephants - Deeply Moving 11. Indigolab (ft. Albie Leigh) - Outlander (Shipwrecked Dub) 12. Atmoflow - 50005 Steps 13. Bluetech - The End is in The Beginning, The Beginning is in The End 14. Beatfarmer - Lunar Alignment 15. Dear Gravity - Syncope 16. Yaima - Gajumaru 17. Astropilot - Exotic Travel (Organic mix) Happy listening
  2. Hey friends, Happy to say that the new edition of the Dreamtime Diaries series is now ready. Deep, contemplative, psychedelic sounds for when your craving a little shanti space https://soundcloud.com/delightful_imperfections/dreamtime-diaries-vol-14-love-songs-to-the-shadow Sending oodles of love & gratitude to all the artists for their healing sounds, & the positive impact you have on my life. If you like what you hear, please take a moment to check out their other sounds. 1. Zen Baboon - Spotting Leopards 2. Desert Dwellers - Give Thanks 3. Eskostatic - Serpentines & Valleys 4. Lynx Point feat. Lilah Woods - India Landscape 5. Quasar - Fourth Dimension 6. Indigolab feat. Zoe - Winds (Gentle Breeze Dub) 7. Zen Baboon feat. Becky Whitcombe - Orchestra 8. Invisible Inks & Ateris - Nightfall 9. Solar Fields - Insum 10. Ascent & Argus - Daylight Again 11. Ashnaia Project & Stellar - Tara Mantra 12. Yaima - The Sacred Enjoy 💚
  3. Hi all! You're welcome to check out my Shankra Festival 2018 Music Application: Hope you like it, thank you for listening!
  4. Guest mix as part of Koji Maru's Elementz show on Earth Dance Radio, broadcast 12.6.16. A couple of brand new tracks, a load of music from Helios, some remixes plus great music from MoonWolf, Continuum and Beatfarmer mixed in. 1. Flexagon - The Real World [From "Diversity In The Isles"] 2. Numatik - Gaia Unfolding (Flexagon Remix) 3. Flexagon - Pause (unreleased) 4. Flexagon - Numbers (unreleased) 5. Continuum - Nodular [from "Become Happier"] 6. Flexagon - The Far Side [from "Helios"] 7. Buffalo Huddleston - Waiting for the right song (Flexagon Instrumental Remix) 8. Beatfarmer - Shanti [from "Eye of the Storm"] 9. Moonwolf - Bad Wolf [From "Red EP"] 10.Flexagon - Dawn 11.Mochipet - Psilocybin Samurai (Flexagon Remix) 12.Flexagon - The Scattered Disc 13.Sephira - Lost Vegas (Flexagon remix) Earthdanceradio.org - the world’s first non-commercial, non-profit dance music radio station supporting national and international animal welfare and environmental causes.
  5. Here I am again with a brand new mix! The set starts with mellow psydub, into more active and funky stuff and finally towards more familiar downtempo and ambient music. I recorded this on 27/05/2016 on the "Into Ambient" party @ Kraaienest, Gent, Belgium. Downloads are enabled. Constructive feedback or comments on soundcloud always welcome! Tracklist: 1) Dreadlock Tales - Gravity Equals Love (Alternate Mix) [GreenTree Records, 2014] 2) Pitch Black - Transient Transmission [Dubmission Records, 2007] 3) Pitch Black - Transient Transmission (Deep Fried Dub's Battered Mix) [Dubmission Records, 2009] 4) Vlastur Meats Nibana - S.P. [Melusine Records, 2016] 5) Quanta - Uprising (Lubdub Remix) [shanti Planti, 2016] 6) Green Beats - Dub 180 [Nutek Chill, 2015] 7) Ishdub - Roots (Green Beats Remix) [Kupuri Music, 2015] 8) Ohuican & Nahuatl Jaguar - Sobre 4 Aguas (Deep Fried Dub Refried Remix) [Dubmission Records, 2015] 9) Dub Size - Beyond The Sky [sUBBASS, 2015] 10) Astral Travel Agency - Natural state [self-Released, 2016] 11) Tara Putra - Dubland Mountains (Bioscape remix) [Purple Hexagon Records, 2016] 12) Easily Embarrassed - The Capital [Maia Brasil Records & Omnitropic, 2014] 13) Easily Embarassed - Smooth Operator [Mystic Sound Records, 2016] 14) Master Margherita - Kaldaf Funk (Saz mix) [MikelaBella Records, 2015] 15) Gnomes of Kush - God's Gift (Hibernation's Sparser Remix) [Tribal Shift Records, 2015] 16) Ishdub and Pablo P.G. - PGish [Nutek Chill, 2013] 17) Supersillyus - Enigmagician [Maia Brasil Records & Omnitropic, 2014] 18) Living Light - War of Consciousness (Kaleidoscope Jukebox Dub) [Desert Trax, 2015] 19) Shpongle - The Stamen of the Shamen [Twisted Records, 2005] 20) Geoglyph - The Philosopher King [Liquid Lounge, 2016] 21) Ultramorphic - To Live By The Sea [Liquid Lounge, 2016] 22) Ajja & Cosmosis - Aquamarine [Peak Records, 2014] 24) Illegal State of Mind - Distractions [sUBBASS, 2015] 25) Dr Roots, Nya & Master Margherita - Time to Dub (dub mix) [MikelaBella Records, 2008] 26) Flowertz - Ancient future [self-Released, 2015] 27) Aes Dana - Alkaline (feat. MikTek) [ultimae Records, 2015] 28) Hol Bauman - We are analog [ultimae Records, 2008] 29) Lauge & Baba Gnohm - Verdens Største Satellit (Remastered) [self-Released, 2011] 30) Lauge & Baba Gnohm - Structures (Remastered) [self-Released, 2011] 31) E-mantra - Echoes of an Empty Room (Hotep remix) [Altar Records, 2012] 32) E-mantra - Silence (RMX 2016) [Melusine Records, 2016] 33) Aes Dana - Leylines (Remastered) [ultimae Records, 2015] 34) Sync24 - DOT [ultimae Records, 2007] 35) Lauge & Baba Gnohm - Nordlys [self-Released, 2011] ... Artwork by Andolsek Eugene. The last part of the set was cut off, and some EQing did not get into the final recording, but I hope you enjoy it anyway ^^
  6. Burn bright! IGNITE! Aim your arrow to the heavens and laugh as your target is easily attained through focus! Travel, explore, look through different lenses in the mystery! Burn in love, passion and compassion and create beauty from this fuel! Laugh, play, cry, pray!
  7. One thread for all the shows starting with the current topic our solar neighbors. [media=500',300'] [/media] Dive into the mystery of men on other planets. Just as we Terran's thought the earth was flat for many ages, we wistfully still cling to the idea life in the universe exists only on our planet. Science has many wonderful uses but we must not let cold hard facts blind us to what life really is. Pax, Lorn
  8. https://www.mixcloud.com/Tralalama/oldschool-party-daf/ Recording of the set I played a the Dutch Acid Family party at Oldschool in Amsterdam on February 6th 2016. 2 hours of Variomatic Stepless Chillout. Hope you enjoy
  9. Dear psybient lovers! Here is my new mix called Spirit Dimension. Listen, and please leave some feedback, I would be really thankfull for that. Enjoy your day! Namaste!
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