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Found 4 results

  1. Here is the link for my new show at RTM FM- Ambient and experimental electronic ,Composed and produced by Andre Perim. I hope you like! https://www.mixcloud.com/.../side-effects-andre-perim.../
  2. Artist: Axon Genesis Album: Harmonic Convergence Type: EP Style tags: Psybass Media type: CD/WEB Year: 2017 Label: Producers Social Catalog ID: PSEP0001 Length: 00:16:55 official url: https://axongenesis.bandcamp.com/album/harmonic-convergence Tracklist: 1. Harmonic Convergence (03:31) 2. Saturn's Return (2:56) 3. Telekinetic Robots (03:08) 4. Time Paradox (03:41) 5. Chemical Sentience (03:38) Full album mix with visuals: https://youtu.be/tIjCXkdHagE
  3. Artist: One Arc Degree Album: Cosmos in Flux Type: LP Style tags: ambient, dub, chill Media type: digital Year: 2017 Label: Synphaera Records Greek producers Vasilis Kesalidis and Ioannis Konstantios started One Arc Degree with the intent to explore how music can trigger different emotional responses and memories, and then channel those evocations back into the music itself in a continuous cycle of discovery and renewal. With Cosmos in Flux, their Synphaera debut, One Arc Degree explores the mutable world of space-time on a micro-scale: “There is no reason that spacetime needs to be fundamentally smooth. We can imagine it consisting of many small, ever-changing, regions in which space and time are not definite, but fluctuate in a foam-like manner. As we probe at smaller scales, about ten times a billionth of the diameter of hydrogen's nucleus, spacetime foam reveals itself, an ocean of quantum bubbles through which light travels, cosmos in flux.†—One Arc Degree
  4. Artist: Axon Genesis Album: Conscious Evolution Type: EP Style tags: Psybass, bass music, future, experimental Media type: CD/WEB Year: 2014 Label: Altar Records Catalog ID: ARCDA46 Length: 00:27:00 official url: http://axongenesis.bandcamp.com/album/conscious-evolution Tracklist: 1. Virtual Reality (03:36) 2. Exogen (04:06) 3. Continuum (03:04) 4. Ghost Ship (03:50) 5. Lost Transmission (03:06) 6. Astral Projection (04:31) 7. Titan (04:01) The artwork is my own. Also my new 360 VR music video for Exogen will be released on Nov 11, 2016 on TIMEWHEEL.net. If you'd like to see more of my work in music, visuals, and development, please visit my website: AxonGenesis.com Would love any feedback you guys have on the album. Thank you!
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