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  1. Hi everyone! I'm currently starting a new Psydub live project with some hardware delays, live percs, bass, brass and analog synth. The whole thing is played in a dubmixing fashion and now I'm looking for a good analog mixer for live performances (right now I'm using a Mackie 32:8:2...a bit heavy for touring). Ideally I need : - 4 mic inputs and 16 line inputs (12 for my ableton multitrack and 4 for my FX stereo returns) - at least 2 aux sends/subgroups (for my FX) though 4 would be much more comfortable. I don't care if the aux are pre or post - 100 mm faders is a real plus - my budget is around 400-500€ ... I was really interested in Soundcraft Spirit M12 and Yamaha MG206c because they are 20-input/good sounding/affordable mixers but they are very hard to find nowadays... I also know Mackie VLZ series have very flexible routing but I've worked with them for years and I'm sick of their sound (definitely not the same class than the bigger Mackies). Any idea ?
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