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Found 10 results

  1. check out the full tracklisting on youtube description!!
  2. Hello ! Just seen a video on a FB page "Psy Trance events worldwide" and the track seems to be an ICARO from a famous shaman mixed with a trance base after some mins. http://picosong.com/iXXJ I'd like to know the ICARO name and the track mixed with this one. Thanks.
  3. Hello there ! We are proud to presents you our new release - Four Different Walks from Red Sun Rising. Four previously unreleased tracks from polish psychill talent. Artist: Red Sun Rising Album: Four Different Walks Type: EP Style tags: Psychill Media type: DIGITAL Year: 2017 Label: Mamomam Records Catalog ID: MAMOMAM003 Length: 0:32:27 official url: Tracklist: 1. Silver Lake 07:08 2. Upon My return 8:37 3. Horizontal Landscape 07:42 4. Slavic Soul 09:40 Mastering : Jedi Master Studio www.facebook.com/JediMasterStudio Red Sun Rising : soundcloud.com/red-sun-rising www.facebook.com/redsunrisingpl BANDCAMP LINK - https://mamomamrecords.bandcamp.com/album/four-different-walks ( Sorry I coudn't get how to make it properly )
  4. Hello I've made this post as the one to share my music in. Must be better than creating new topics all the way around. Enjoy https://www.mixcloud.com/zmei/not-enough-of-me/
  5. Hey friends, just released my first album in nearly 7 years of music production https://ichomancer.bandcamp.com/releases
  6. Have fun while listening A download link is on a SC if you need one. https://beta.mixcloud.com/zmei/maestro/
  7. Hello guys Im travelling to ukraine on the 6th of august till the end of it. I was wondering if there is some kind of underground psy scene there that I can be introduced to, or any up coming events happening there. Im going to kharkov but kiev wont be much of a problem either.
  8. Hi to alll.. If you enjoy psydubby vibes, long tracks, juicy grooves and psychedelic melodies, then please have a listen, share, dance to it, fly with it, or do whatever you like.. Hope you enjoy the music.... Artist: The Flying Mars Album: Vibradimensional Experience Media type: Digital Year: 2016 Label: Altar Records Bandcamp Link: https://altar.bandcamp.com/album/vibradimensional-experience-24bits Junodownload: http://www.junodownload.com/products/the-flying-mars-vibradimensional-experience/3033166-02/ Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/the-flying-mars
  9. Artist: Cord Album: Birdie Type: EP Style tags: Electronica, Glitch hop Media type: WEB Year: 2015 Label: Addictech Records Catalog ID: ADDICTECH087 Length: 00:21:47 Official url: https://soundcloud.com/addictech-records/sets/cord-birdie-ep Artist url: http://cord-music.com Tracklist: 1. Birdie (05:48) 2. Seduction (04:22) 3. Wave Impact (05:42) 4. Bent Meadow (05:54)
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