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Andorra - Nature Elements EP [Self-released 2015] (psychill, downtempo)

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Hi all lovely Psybient people!


Here's a small release I want to share with you which is also my third self-released EP.

First two tracks are psybient/chill style and third track is melodic downtempo.


Any feedback about the music or production quality is appreciated!


Thank you!





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your track is in a mix of my friend :)





This mix is compiled and mixed by Runa, we are sharing it here, as we would like more people to discover her unique musical vision and taste. Enjoy and visit her mixcloud page for more mixes from Runa www.mixcloud.com/runa_project/ .


download activated and full tracklist below.


enjoy and don't hesitate to comment and share :)

Runa - Imagination (Winter Solstice 2015)

presented at DI.FM/PSYCHILL Winter Solstice 2015


title: Runa - Imagination mixed by Runa



01. Andorra – Organic Entry

02. MorpheuS - Earth Movement

03. Psydprojext - Life Exists

04. Stratosphere – Divination

05. Balancé – Stopped Time

06. Dubsahara - WINGmaker

07. Anchor Hill – Hear With Me

08. Dreamstalker - Dialekt (Goa 2015 edit)

09. Expedizion & Sixis - Awakening World (Ecometric Redrift)

10. Codec – Knangs

11. Alluvium Forms - From the Earth [Ft. Fluvial Phonology and Noir Native]

12. Aquatic Collective – Tenebra

13. Osmose - The End Of Days

14. Syrgic - Different Faces

15. Andorra - Blueberry Fields







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