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Pangani - Foggy Fungus [Live Dub]

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Hei guys!

I locked myself in my studio the last weeks and spend about 15 hours a day making new material and improving my setup for the upcoming shows at Freaks in Love in Turkey (with Shpongle!!!), One Love Festival in UK and Momentum in Linz this Saturday. Here, I made a little Live dubby session with my latest track Foggy Fungus. Enjoy the travel, please let me know what you think and spread the word if you feel like supporting me! One Love



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Could you tell me a little bit about your live setup there? Is all the source audio just stems you rendered out previously + the cool thing you're doing with those beans? What sort of duties is the novation control unit doing and what's the touch-screen handling?


I think live setups are pretty cool and I eventually want to set up my own, and I like learning how other people have theirs set up.

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Hei Digital People, sure I can say a bit more about my setup... I use a AKG C411 to pickup the vibrations from the woodboard. Its a piezo-condenser mic, that has a nice low end - its often used in cello recordings. The modulation software is completely home made (Max for Live inside Ableton)and works like a modular synth. but instead of using oscillators, I use the sound of my wooden surface. This sound can than be routed through resonators, delays, endless reverbs, filters, feedback, pitch +/-,.... And no presets, to keep the playing in the moment.


For the rest, I use 8 channels (drums, bass, melodies1/2/3,background, foleys, and arps). Have one knob per channel for a HP/LP filter (switchable) and each sound can be pre-fader routed through a space-delay-like effect channel, which I control from the tablet.


thats about it... :)


more things to discover:






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