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Spinnet (One Arc Degree)

Erot & One Arc Degree - Mani of Despair (2015) [self-released] (psychill, drum & bass)

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Artist: Erot & One Arc Degree

Album: Mani of Despair

Type: EP

Style tags: Psychill , Drum & Bass

Media type: DIGITAL

Year: 2015

Label: Not On Label

Catalog ID: -

Length: 00:12:51


Mani of Despair EP was conceived as a prelude (actually a teaser) to Synergism EP, soon to be released on Iboga Records. Erot re-imagines the mournful & emotive "For The Love Of Despair" in his distinct style, originally released by One Arc Degree on Under A Trillion Suns [Microcosmos Records]. One Arc Degree return the favour and present their atmo dnb interpretation of the deep & relaxing "Mani", originally released by Erot in his debut, Mani EP, for Iboga Records.



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Nice EP overall. I think I like Mani more - the d'n'b element is very welcome - although the voice on Despair is pretty mesmerising. I wonder what the album is going to sound like.


Off to listen to the originals, it'll be a first for Mani...

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