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VA - Strange-Eyed Constellations (2015) [Disco Gecko Recordings]

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1. AstroPilot - Dum spíro, spéro
2. dr trippy - Sirens of Lorelei
3. 100th Monkey - The Inuit Snow Song (Icescape Secret Beats Remix)
4. Radium88 - The Future's Bright, The Future's Incandescent
5. Spatialize - Floating World
6. Toby Marks - Falling Tides (Shanghai 8am Mix)
7. Oombata Key - Festival of Lights
8. Temple Hedz - Dimensions
9. Project Transmissions - The Heavenly Hundred 
10. Banco de Gaia - To The Nth Degree
11. James Eller - It's Beautiful Mike, It Really Is
12. Sam Salem - Penates
13. Andrew Heath - Epiphany


Following the 20th Anniversary re-release of his classic album, Last Train To Lhasa, this June, this month sees the release of the first compilation curated by Toby Marks, AKA Banco de Gaia.

With its title inspired by a Thomas Hardy poem, 'Strange-Eyed Constellations' features thirteen recordings by ambient and downtempo sound-smiths drawn from across Europe. The compilation weaves a merry path from AstroPilot's soothing opener, via 100th Monkey’s epic choral piece and Oombata Key’s glittering contribution, to Andrew Heath’s majestically contemplative finale. These thirteen gentle lullabies for hearts and souls are complemented on the CD by Andrew and Zoe Heath’s paintings and photographs.

"In 1992, I saw my first tracks released on CD as part of the ‘Ambient Dub’ compilation series on Beyond Records. Six years later, when I set up my own label, one of my aims was to start a similar series of down-tempo, left-of-centre compilation albums, featuring more or less anything that I found beautiful and uplifting, irrespective of genre (although leaning heavily towards the electronic).
Finally, 17 years later, I have found the time to make it a reality and so I present the first collection to you now. I would like to dedicate this album to Beyond Records’ founder Mike Barnet in thanks for the opportunity he gave me and for championing less well-known music.
As Mike would say, 'last one out turns the lights off.
Toby Marks


The compilation is available from all good record stores and download sites, but to buy directly from the label, go to the Disco Gecko website for CDs or to the Disco Gecko Bancamp page for downloads.

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Hi - this post is cheeky but also, it feels like from here, with positive intent also.


It seems folk like Disco Gecko are inspired by a wide range of music.  I remember a great MegaDog gig with BancoDeGaia live performing including the saxophone player from PinkFloyd's wish you were here album and I notice on this compilation here there's a track with Inuit singing on it - which, on the soundcloud page is considered to be a creative commons recording.


Are you able to explain a little bit about the translation services that 'ethno' producers working with lots of material from a culture that they have no contextual understanding therof, nor even a vague grasp of specific meanings of words, utilise to ensure that a) the vocal does not include any sentiments of negative intent and that "b" there's no accidental Burrough's cut-up technique blunders whereby an unintended meaning is communicated due to a lack of thorough appreciation of source material. 


I'm sure you're well aware from a legal perspective that original artists as well as commercial control have a right of veto over artistic context.  For instance, can you explain the process of consultation with the Inuit song-holders to do with seeking consent, perhaps for a song used in sacred rites, to have elements both removed and added to their song and replayed in the context of a venue seeking to maximise profit from the sale of alcohol?


Also, can you explain the further investigation beyond an online tagging about Creative Commons from an un-related sound archivist - to ensure that the original artists gave informed consent and waived all rights.


Finally, can you add any words to the ongoing request from the indigenous populations of the world, not to have their art culturally misappropriated?


I guess bonus points for a perspective on whether or not 'ethno' snippets are targeted rather than samples from major record label artists, in part, because there's just much less chance of being hit with cease & desist legal letter for unauthorised use of another artist's music.


ooh and given your love of Disco - what are some good leads to explore this really diverse, psychedelic culture?

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I didn't mean to have a pop - I guess more where I'm coming from is that what's happening in someone's head might not fit very well into words - so if the makers vibration is coming from the biggest sense of self too then there's less key clash.  Or if it's being or cosmic and what not words can really a person out of moment or something - also, I'm only just figuring stuff out but verbal cognition is I think at this stage correlated with reappearance of perception of neuropathic pain which may otherwise be absent in a silent empty head state2 experience. 

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not sure why our previous comments have been deleted, but hey ho


to answer your question, we asked the artist in quesion, and this is his reply:


Thank you for your comments.

The words (the singer's own) refer to the beautiful light of the full-moon and how it shines in the others face.  A google search using the terms Leq and Juskiddink would have enabled you to find the original recording and translation. You would have noticed that the recording has been used in it's original construction. Altho I did change the pitch to fit my track.
At the time of use I let the owner of the recording know that I was using it, credited both the owner and composer/singer and I did not alter the structure of the sentence. To do so would have risked altering the meaning of a language I do not understand.  Which would not have been respectful to the artist.
In more general terms you make some valid and important points which I agree with. In the modern digital era these are interesting questions, and I myself am often in the position of wondering where any income or credit for work I have done has gone. It hasn't gone to me! I tend to take a pluralistic and forgiving attitude to these infringements. Tho I certainly support and agree with your contention that respectfulness should be employed in these situations.

Thanks once again for your comments, and good wishes.

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