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Master of Chillout

Master of Chillout plug.dj Radio/Channel - "Chill, Relaxing, Positive":

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Hello, i'm Master of Chillout community radio co-founder (i use personally TyZeff as username/avatar on the web),



Master of Chillout(MoC) community radio was initially created on ex-Grooveshark website (web-based music-streaming service). Broadcast/Radio was named: "Chill, Relaxing, Positive? - Study, Work, Relax".

Master of Chillout community is part of "Master of" community (Master of Instrumental(MoI), Master of Soundtrack(MoS),... are others "Master of" community groups). "Master of" are dedicated communities for sharing and discovering music.
On April 30, 2015, Grooveshark shut down as part of a settlement between the service and Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, and Warner Music Group (more info here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grooveshark).

Despite this fact, MoC, MoI, MoS broadcast/channel has been recreated on plug.dj website (the most similar sharing music platform as Grooveshark).

MoC new broadcast is now available here: https://plug.dj/master-of-chillout (we have ~2800 songs in our collection, more incoming soon wink.png ).

MoI new broadcast: https://plug.dj/moinstrumental

MoS new broadcast: https://plug.dj/filmscores2

Focus on MoC community radio:

"Chill, Relaxing, Positive? - Just Relax And Enjoy ;)" is our chillout way.

Music genres
Mix of smooth Electronic, Chillout, Chillhop, Downtempo, Lounge, Ambient, New age, some Smooth/Nu jazz, some instrumental & some
singer-songwriter and some more: just our chillout way wink.png

~4600 fans followed MoC broadcast with a regular audience of 120-150 listeners and we were in the top 15 of the best broadcasts. I repeat
myself: "Grooveshark RIP" so we lose all MoC community sad.png and we want to restore it, People deserve it to feel better while chilling.

Collection of songs
Fortunately, we have backuped MoC collection and playlists in text files. We have finished to restored the 2800 songs of the collection which contain the best selection of broadcast genre songs, The restoration is finished so
new/fresh songs are upcoming wink.png.

Website plug.dj
On the broadcast / channel: https://plug.dj/master-of-chillout, all people can be DJ, so you will be able to discover and share your
songs and be part of the community, it will be also your broadcast wink.png. There is also a chat so you can share your thought about music or other
things. You can also give your opinion on songs: there is a system of vote and of course you can also add songs to your playlists. There is a
lot of nice features on https://plug.dj/.

Discover us:

Come hang out on our radio / channel to discover it, to enjoy, relaxing and chilling together.
For the moment, there is few people on the channel, so don't be surprise. I created the plug.dj channel of MoC too late after Grooveshark
shutdown(3 months after, in middle-July) and the community had not another place(website, blog, social media, ...) to find us so community followers have disappeared ;(.


Master of Chillout community radio co-founder(TyZeff)

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Salutation Gagarin.


The songs come from Youtube and Soundcloud, it is not legal platforms? so for the most, they are official.


Et j'étais anciennement sur Grooveshark, et là il y avait vraiment une grande proportion de chansons piratées (je dis pas que sur youtube tout est légal), c'est pour cela que j'étais "subscriber": pour payer ces fameuses royalties! Et j'ai découvert des artistes sur GS et acheter des albums, sans cela je ne l'aurais jamais fait!

Mais bon GS a fait des erreurs et téléchargé des chansons illégalement pour attirer du monde: "bad thing!". Les grosses Major ont eut raison d'eux, ils étaient dans leur droit: aucun accord n'aurait été possible de toute manière.

Propose moi une plateforme légale (comme GS ou plug.dj en moins bien) qui propose de diffuser des chansons "légalement", de partager directement avec des gens, de parler de cela sur un chat associé dans des communautés dédiées et ben que nenni!


Mes sincères salutations

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i see, so the project is totally based on plug.dj and the files uploaded to soundcloud and youtube ?

soundcloud is pretty OK as it belongs most of the time to music owners (with exceptions of dj profiles).


as for youtube, most of the things are not legal, but it is a long and difficult subjects.


thanks for presenting your project here and all best with it. :)

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