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DJ plantwaves

PLNTKNGDM - crystal skulls mix 01 (2015) [ psytrance / psychill / tribal ]

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Crystal grows like a living thing. Vital in information technology, from computers to telecommunications satellites, crystal also has the power to interfuse mind and matter, to encode thought. Growing from a single seed, it replicates itself in a mystic structure that does not age, that does not change with time, a structure that can trap thought itself in its lattice. The power of crystal has long been known to adepts, who use it to heal, to learn, to explore other dimensions of space and time.

Samples from: Crystal Skull Use & Meditation (Joshua Shapiro)

T R A C K L I S T 
01 Tengri - Aural Well 
02 Suns Of Arqa - Mother Tongue 
03 Umberloid - Neon Tetra
04 Entheogenic - Ground Luminosity (Ott's New Yoghurt Loom Mix) 
05 Chillum - Electric Krishna
06 Chilling Matenda - Going The Distance
07 Distant System - Gravitational Vortices 
08 Memphidos - Touch the Universe
09 Zero Cult - Heartwork (Suduaya Remix) 
10 DigitalFolk - Follow The Shaman 
11 Phutureprimitive Feat. Alyssa Palmer - Deeper
12 Shpongle - The Epiphany Of Mrs Kugla 
13 The Infinity Project - Alien Patrol 
14 Stefan Torto - Argus 
15 Kaya Project - Smoke Signals 
16 Koan - The Return Of The Conquistadors 
17 Bodh Gaya - The Spirits Arrive
18 Merkaba - Twelve Spiral Strands 1
19 Mystery Of The Yeti - Yeti 1 (Part 3 - The Yeti Revelation)
20 Eat Static - Frozen In Time 

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