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Spinnet (One Arc Degree)

Spinnet - Empty As Universe [Spaceman's Transmissions] (2015) (ambient/drone/experimental)

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I'm very excited to be appearing as a guest over at Tonepoet's "Spaceman's Transmissions" and deeply flattered by his kind words! This is only the second time I managed to mix strictly ambient material, usually rhythms and beats invade my sets after a few minutes! Set is called "Empty As Universe", meant to bring you closer to the ever-expanding, serene & mysterious Cosmos... Enjoy the music :)



Official URL: http://ambient-transmission.blogspot.gr/2015/09/guest-mix-spinnet.html




01. 'Haiti' by Pan Sonic

02. 'Parallel Suns' by Autechre
03. 'Phenomenon' by Monolake
04. 'Synergistic Perceptions' by Robert Rich & Brian Lustmord
05. 'Urano' by Murcof
06. 'Taku' by Monolake
07. 'First' by Spyweirdos
08. 'Infinite Shore' by Steve Roach
09. 'Void Shuttle' by Fabrics
10. 'The Machinery Of Night' by ASC
11. 'In Spaces' by Halftribe
12. 'A Day Apart' by Lusine Icl
13. 'Currents Beneath The Shine' by Vir Unis
14. 'The Pillar Of Winter' by Spinnet

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