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Ambient Mann - Radio Q37

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19 Jirah - Disconnect

20 Eguana - Above the heavens only God

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I am leaving another comment again. I am afraid I am becoming a busy body myself. Well, I will rest very soon from psybient.org for a while.


This one is like cosmicleaf collection. I am a bit honored to say something about cosmicleaf here. Cosmicleaf really is like a white swan story. It has been along Ultimae, Chillcode, Interchill, Ajana from the beginning, and Cosmicleaf is almost like the biggest star records in psychedelic ambient world in 2015, who could imagine this out back then?!  The whole world would be in awe if Greece has more companies like cosmicleaf. Persoanlly, I think cosmisleaf staff needs a very good rest!


Anyway, I really do like this compilation throughout, I don't want to sound so special or knowing so much, but I really think it is a very wise idea to combine cosmicleaf and plexus music. I used to skip Eguana's music, because his original style is too much like new age pianist. I think it must be in cosmicleaf he started to add beats to his music, and it just sounds so much more interesting!


Somebody asks me about this one particular artist from cosmicleaf, unhappiness, it is quite an odd name in psybient. But in psytrance, you see much mind-blowing, deep in the black hole kind of names,  I must cite this particular one, "thunder pants", I just couldn't help laughing, thunder pants grease in Dr.Evil's wicked olis. Oh, there is dark ambient terminology on the other hand. Sometimes I caught a glimpse of it and I wonder if these pople really enjoying the real thing. Here in Hong Kong wet market, you see a lot of butcher shops and they throw away a lot of stuff. Maybe the dark psy-ists and dark amibient-ists can help them to bring all that dead meat back to their home to worship!  It would be another win-win case scenario!!! But then maybe they are just seeking for that shocking attention! I doubt they would ever think a tiny bit for that real grease, real dirt, real smell!


Anyway, I didn't mean in such a sense for unhappiness, it is just the name makes me think of that sort of things. His music is quite OK, but are you really unhappy or you want people to be aware of unhappiness, a very contrary name sometimes distract people to really focus on what you intend them to be doing.


Thank you! I rather hope everyone is happy, or at least trying! If you are like one of the particular smurf, oh, well, good luck to be yourself! :) Thank you again!!!

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