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Ambient Mann Radio Q37 (2015) - Mikelabella Records

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All the Way from Heaven 036 was broadcasted on the 06 of October 2015 On http://radioq37.com/ 


MikelaBella Records


01 Expedizion - Psychedelic Cells
02 Kukangherita Soundsystem - Dub To Africa (Moon Mix)
03 Kliment - Little Frog
04 Alba - Darshan
05 Mahaon - Spirallion
06 JP Illusion - Look Above
07 Jaala - Twisted Visions
08 Kalumet - Alupka Airlines
09 Squatting Mobile Studio & Heterogenesis - Blue Moon Blues (S.MS Mix)
10 Floating Grooves - Outer Space Architecture
11 Hoehle - Malakite (Grumani) (Grumani Mix)
12 Kukan Dub Lagan - The Re-Turn Of The Master
13 Kukan Dub Lagan - La Vita

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I am very happy to make a proper comment here for one of my favorite soudcloud DJs... I downloaded a lot of DJ mixes in the library before.


I really prefer these type of DJ mixes, mellow and with very nice rhythm throughout, I am not a big fan of psydub kind of exotic glitch style. It sounds too busy and too abrupt to me. Anyway, it is nice to write while listening to the very music. I knew Mikelabella and Mr.Johnny Blue, I have a lot of his collections, too. But Johnny Blue's DJ style usually is much faster, stronger, maybe it is uptempo for big boys.


It is very interesting to hear Ambient Mann's interpretation of Mikelabella. Even if  the cover is very dub reggae, the sound itself isn't so much so, maybe in the midsection. Oh, no, the end is very very psydub!


If I had this DJ mix, I would just keep the opening section. I use MP3 cutter and Audacity to reedit my favorite part. I mean, it might not be so polite to the creation of the original Mr.(Ms.) DJ, but critical accepting is a better way for progress than blanket accepting, don't you think so?


I knew a lot of people like psydub, and Kukan Dub Lagan has been psydubbing for longer than anyone I knew. But I really think psydub needs some new ideas, new directions. This is my choice of psydub, Dubtrak - Dark River Tribe (Lost In Time), the sound is just so much more interesting and engaging! A lot of psydubbing has only sounds, all sorts of strange sounds, but the music story itself is so basic and so predictable, I don't think there is much real psychedelic spirit, some people like that expression, stoned, maybe that is correct word for psydub.


I hope people don't get too angry at me, but I am only speaking out for the psybient music! Well, psybient music is not just for my own taste, that does not mean I do not have a point, don't you agree?!


I mean, I like music full of different sounds, like a clothes full of interesting details, but it must have a life to run though 5, 6, 7 minutes. A very poor life, even with tons of glittering glitches, it still is a very poor music life. That is my opinion!


I am sorry I left such a controversial subject on Mr.Ambient Mann's DJ mix thread, I hope you enjoy the mix! As for my comment, I never ask for anyone's approval for my own opinion, you can just ignore it, or you might listen and make your own judgement later.


Thank you!

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little psaya,


it is a pleasure to read real and long comment, with clear explanation of your vision and with polite precessions that is only your opinion.


i do share similar view about not much interesting happening in most of the psydub tracks and too "heavy" and "charged" glitch tracks.


it is interesting idea to cut the part of the mix. I think nobody will be angry if you do it for you private use ;) most DJs don't ask artist if they can "cut" the end of the track in the process of mixing, so you can do similar i guess.


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