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little psaya

Anyone would like to mix tibetan music with psybient?

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I always had this wish if I am going to do my own music, I would like to mix Tibetan music with psybient...  but after trying a few beats, I am not sure I have the patience to make proper music, Ii am more good at picking the good music...


Of all the pop music, my favorite is Tibetan music. Everyone of Tibetan singers has this amazing capacity to reach super high note without any trouble... it has this highness in many many meanings, high in real life, high in spirit, and high in musicality... I haven't heard any other music as happy and as positive as Tibetan music... and the melody is always so catchy, it really would be perfect match for psybient music!


I know many psybient musicians add Hindi chanting samples, Hindi music is very meditative, but not as much danceable, and even better, Tibetan music dancing beat is almost the same as regular psybient tempo. Banco De Gaia's Apollo, Beat farmer's on a plain has a bit Tibetan sound sample, but not close to be enough. 


I love hindi music, but honestly, I can't listen too much of its pop music before I got that feeling of enough, but I just don't feel that of Tibetan music, it has the same additive-ness to me, just like good psybient music... high up with many twist and turns...


here is one typical Tibetan circle dance music, don't you feel Tibetan language sounds very very musical?  Isn't it a bit like suduaya's Salutation To The Planets?!



Here is another very nice sample, it is actually a song for 14TH DALAI LAMA 80th Birthday, Mr.Dalai Lama is very lucky to have such a beautiful cool song for him, her voice and the music itself, is all very catchy and fresh.



You see, I know there must be a lot of inspiring young psybient musician out there and I would be so thrilled if some of them can do this for me, and I am sure a lot of others would feel the same as well... 


Thank you so! :)

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I just came cross this music video, it is really just the one I would like. It is actually Mongolia sound with psybient, but Tibetan and Mongolia music style are quite alike, I mean on the women's side, Tibetan do not do throat singing stuff. And Mongolia's voice, not only it is very high, it somehow lasts even longer in the air than Tibetan!


The psybient side music is really great. I don't understand Russian, it looks Russian to me. And the music certainly is from someone who has quite a fair reputation in the field. Even without the Mongolia signer's voice, it is great music. And together, it is just mesmerizing! If someone ask me to take a guess, I like to bet the musician would be Airform. I am sure someone here knew better than me. And thank you for such nice music, it really let your ears open wide and far away!


Thanks for reading till this long, here is the YouTube link, don't be too put off by that fancy Bentley, I guess it is some kind of achievement in certain way, You need to have it to get over it! Like you need to master the rule before you break it! :)



here is Airform's music link, see if you agree, :)


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