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Open Source - Psycho Bitch (Live Act)

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The crazy bitch is here. Walking all alone, she's all dressed up and knocking at your door. Better not touch her, she'll burst your bubble. Vital hormones on legs, she is ready to blow your life apart. Unpredictable, independent, dangerous.. spicy-sweet temptation that you need to stay away from. And when she makes herself comfortable, you know you are in trouble. She presses play and you hear this crazy mix from your stereo speakers that sounds demented. A psychedelic blend of some classics remixed, all combined and perfectly suited to make you feel strained. When her final act is all over, you're left standing here alone, changed, reborn.



01. Source Code & Enarxis - Five Spirits (Open Source rmx)

02. Open Source - Planet Blue (final edit)

03. Open Source - High Progressive (short edit)

04. Enarxis - Human Interface (Open Source rmx)

05. Michael Jackson - Bad (Open Source rmx)

06. The Prodigy - Voodoo People (Open Source rmx)

07. Open Source - Mousiki (extended edit)

08. The Prodigy - No Good (Open Source rmx)

09. Odyssee Of Noises - Firedance (Open Source rmx)

10. Open source - In Cyclones (short edit)


Free download in full mp3 quality from:



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