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Flexagon - Helios (2015) [self released] (chillout, electronic, progressive)

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Artist: Flexagon
Album: Helios
Type: album
Style tags: chillout, electronic, progressive
Media type: Digital
Year: 2015
Label: Self Released
Catalog ID: -
Length: 01:03.06







Some tracks might be a little fast for this forum, (Bpm range on the tracks is from 70 right through to one at 140) but most of the album is pretty laid back.....................................

"Helios is the debut album from Flexagon. The Guernsey based DJ/ producer and creator of electronic music has been involved in music since the mid 90s.

As the title suggests, Flexagon’s Helios is aurally signposted with space and cosmos references as it takes the listener on a futuristic journey from downtempo beats and uplifting melodies to a euphoric crescendo of progressive psytrance, before culminating in a cocoon-like track of contemplation and reflection.

Those familiar with his tracks and mixes will revel in the intergalactic musicality of his expansive basslines and hypnotic melodies, while fans old and new will appreciate the intricate patterns Flexagon weaves with ethereal psychedelic sounds and deep, penetrating beats.

Mastering by Colin Bennun @ The Stooodio, Bristol, UK"

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Thanks for listening and for the kind words.


Feedback on this album keeps mentioning the 'retro' theme. It wasn't something I was particularly aiming for but................... I've been around for a little while (cough) and my influences are all from the 1990's really so I shouldn't be surprised at what I produced!



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