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Mystic Lounge - Magical Dream (2015) [self released] (psychedelic, downtempo, ambient)

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"Magical Dream" is the début single from Mystic Lounge - which is the collective efforts of Berlin based producer Mystic Crock and UK based dj Liquid Lounge... 


The idea of a collaboration started when Mystic Crock appeared as a guest on the 'Chill Out Sessions' radio show, hosted by Liquid Lounge, on Box Frequency FM - boxfrequency.fm - in September 2015... 

More than a few messages were exchanged, with them deciding to collaborate on some digital production... "to see what we can come up with, who knows...?" 


Very quickly an idea was formulated between the two and this chilled opus began to take shape and evolve... resulting in this, their first production, containing stabs of quirky hypnotic electronica, lush pads, ambient sweeps, deep bass lines and a subtly infectious chilled rhythm... 


This is an exciting new project between these two well known names from the psychill / downtempo scene - combining their influences and their shared vision of electronic psychedelic arrangements, spatial ambience, downtempo beats and ethereal frequencies... 


Enjoy... and explore the "Magical Dream" 

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