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Tips and tricks for travellers and travelling artists

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Travelling for free:
www.hitchwiki.org - hitchhike
see also chapter => Work abroad / gain experience + Local discoveries
Local discoveries:
https://www.couchsurfing.com- meeting locals, staying with locals
Flight search:
momondo (very nice interface)
Moving by car:
heetch / uber - usually cheaper then taxi 
for long distance - car sharing (www.covoiturage.fr)
Forums for travellers:
Work abroad / gain experience:

https://www.helpx.net/-  Help Exchange: free volunteer work exchange abroad ...Volunteer work in exchange for free accommodation and food (bed and board)World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms - www.wwoof.net/ - WWOOF - Volunteer help exchange on organic farms in 100+ countries | Official global hub | Federation of WWOOF Organisations (FoWO)

Spiritual / community :
find via google communities to work together on project
www.dharma.org - Learn vipassana/insight meditation Retreats from 2 to 90+ days (free)

www.happycow.net - vegetarian venues


Locations / GPS:

google maps - for online (i recommend create a personal maps - https://www.google.com/maps/d/u/0/- to save trip details)

waze - (free) - for GPS in car / walk when internet connection is available 

HERE MAPS - (free) - for GPS in car / walk when limited or non internet connection is available 





Data backup:
chronosync - a copy to external hardrive
carbon copy cloner - an image of OSX to another hardrive
Data backup cloud:
dropbox (the most standard)
hubic (probably the cheapest)
soundcloud is not bad to backup your music (pro account allow to download originally uploaded file)
picasa software (allow to backup your photo albums to the cloud for free)

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I think this small practical tip fits here well..

What I've learned the hard way is that if you unpack your stuff and spread it out in your tent it's more likely not being stolen.

I was having bad luck at SUN Festival 2014 when my backpack was stolen from my tent during the first night.

I hadn't open it more than just taken the sleeping bag out and therefore it was probably just too easy to steal.


From there I always spread my stuff around the tent (small thing naturally hidden around) so if somebody want's to steal something it's more likely that not everything is gone at once  ;)

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actually a good tip ! putting a valuable items under sleeping materas or inside sleeping bag can also help.

also finding people with car can help.


but the solution is to have a clock room / storage room at festivals. unfortunately is not always like this.

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