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I think it is fair to say that Star Wars was my life when I was growing up.  (I'm 41, btw).


I saw The Force Awakens last night.  Loved it.  I had goose-bumps a a few times during the movie.


I won't say much more than that until more people have seen it.

Nice ;)  I used to watch this over & over again when i was young(i'm 30), still love it till this day, from what i've been reading more than 90% of people are loving it, so that makes me even more excited about it...glad i'm watching it tonight, can't wait :D

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I have to say that i loved the movie, i literally had goosebumps on some scenes, when Solo and Chewie first appeared on screen....loved the new characters, especially Rey, i think she was my favourite by far, Finn did a great job as well, and BB-8 was just amazing....was hoping Kylo Ren to be more of a badass to be honest, but he did do his job when the time came...R.I.P Han Solo clear.png i still can't accept that he's gone...now for the bad part, i think JJ played it safe with the story, i was hoping for something a little different, it was way too similiar to Episode IV, but it was very well made so it didn't bother me that much....i really loved seeing all the old characters back, and the little "throwbacks" from the old movies were great, Lukes combat remote, the holographic game from Solos ship "Dejarik", the trash compactor joke clear.png, Admiral Ackbar....also i wish C-3PO had more screen time....despite some flaws i loved watching it, JJ was able to do what Lucas wasn't with the prequels, bring back the amazing Star Wars world to life.

I can't wait for Episode VIII now, Luke he's going to kick some ass clear.png

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This post will contain spoilers!!





So far I think I might be the only one in the galaxy that actually wasn't really that impressed by the new Star Wars as people seem to be right now.

I tried to avoid seeing any trailers before going to movies and I really tried to not expect anything.. But after the movie I was a little disappointed.


But don't get me wrong, it was a really good movie but I think I actually was just expecting too much from it after all..

Maybe I was expecting more darkness and more charismatic actors.. Also the story was taking too much directing shortcuts. Or kids today are getting things done just too easy  :D


As Sphongle said I too loved these references to old episodes! They were great and luckily there was more than just one  :)

RIP Solo but we'll see what Luke makes out of it in the next episode!


Probably I need to see this movie a second time to get it more right. I'll give it 3.5/5 and hope fingers crossed the next one suits me better  :D





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