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Limiter on your master? To use or not to use!

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Ok, my new tip about using maximizer in mixing! :)

Astropilot Mastering Studio Tips #3!

Do you wanna be ready for results after mastering of your track? Probably you know that after compression, maximizer the balance of you track could be changed. To avoid this you can some standard maximer of your DAW or L2 from Waves. Just put on master channel with 2-3 db gain reduction while you do mixing. And don't forget to switch off it then you will rendering of the track. 

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Leave it to the mastering. As long as the mix sounds great, you are working in 24 bit, and there is no clipping (digital overs) you are good to go.


I tend to limit ambient music far less than pumping dance floor stuff.


I bought Limitless when it came out and haven't looked back. Before that I was using Elephant for about six years, but Limitless blows it out of the water. It's much more transparent at the same gain reduction/loudness level.

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