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Robin Triskele

VA - Suns Of Arqa - All Is Not Lost, All Is Dub :: The Remixes (2015) [Liquid Sound Design] (downtempo, dub, electronica, psybient)

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Artist: Suns Of Arqa
Album: All Is Not Lost, All Is Dub
Type: Remix Compilation
 Style tags: downtempo, dub, electronica, psybient
Media type: DIGITAL 
Year: 2015
Label: Liquid Sund Design Records
Catalog ID: LSDCD93
URL: http://triskelemanagement.com/promotion/lsd/soarmx/soarmx.html
Remix Artists: Tor.Ma In Dub, Total Eclipse, Eat Static, Kukan Dub Lagan, Kuba, Youth, Saafi Brothers

Order Yours on Bandcamp:  

Suns Of Arqa - All Is Not Lost, All Is Dub :: The Remixes
(compiled by Robin Triskele)


Liquid Sound Design has something very special for you...

A statement of intent as we unleash a brace of unforgettable remixes by Suns Of Arqa album - All Is Not Lost, But Where Is It?. Ft legends Raja Ram, Youth and John Cooper Clarke. 

Featuring seven new and exclusive remixes, this compilation boasts an impressive set of collaborations from old school pioneer psychedelic dub legends and brilliant new school cutting edge dubbers. 

With a stellar line up artists such as Eat Static, Kuba, Total Eclipse, Saafi Brothers, Youth, Kukan Dub Lagan and Tor.Ma In Dub, you can be sure this album delivers on many levels and delights. 

With the strictest levels of psychedelic, super chilled, dance floor excellence and artistic criteria of the highest order and a mystery school commitment to music that penetrates previously unknown cosmic dimensions....we very loudly and proudly present a compilation we are all astounded by and very proud to be involved in.

This album boasts an impressive tracklist of old school and new school dubbers !

1. Mother Tongue (Total Eclipse rmx)
2. Sadrayama (Saafi Brothers rmx)
3. Erasmus Dub ( Kukan Dub Lagan rmx)
4. The Fool Ascends- (Tor.ma In Dub rmx)
5. Discordant Dawn (Kuba rmx)
6. The Truth Lies Therein (Eat Static rmx)
7. Pablos Lament (Youth rmx)

released December 10, 2015



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congratulation for this release !


it was a surprise to see new releases from L.iquid S.ound D.esign label, after long break, we have in hands a full format compilation of tracks from british pioneers of psychedelic sound. The tracks have warm acoustic bass groove and downtempo psychedelic vibe.


L.S.D. and D.M.T. is a strong combination, and it will find a well deserved place in collection of music lovers. My highlight track is from Suns Of Arqa and Kuba. Looking forward for more L.S.D. music.

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