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PLNTKNGDM - crystal skulls mix 02 (2015) [ psytrance / psychill / tribal ]

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According to Native America legend, supported by shamanic lore and the insights of modern explorers, these mysterious, otherworldly, rock crystal, life-size skulls, thirteen in number, can speak and sing. The sound of the skulls, they say, is the unheard sound of creation, the sound that animates everything. These skulls contain vital information concerning the destiny of mankind. (James Huges)

Samples from Richard Shafsky (Power of the Mayan Crystal Skulls)


T R A C K L I S T 

01 Eat Static - Near Future Myth (Feat. Robbert Heijnen)
02 Scopes -  Scrambled Eggs
03 Yarn - Ancient Seeds
04 Tipper -  Ever Decreasing Circles
05 Hinkstep - Naranja
06 I Awake -  Organic Architecture
07 Flux Natura - Magic Marble
08 Shpongle - I Am You
09 E-Mantra -  Hypnagogia
10 Androcell - Higher Circuit Experience
11 Hallucinogen -  Demention
12 Grouch - Mayan Toolkit (Sensient Remix)
13 Desert Dwellers - Dubsicle
14 Liquid Stranger - The Molecule Man (Remix)
15 AtYyA - Visionary Nectar
16 Beatroots - Foundations
17 Master Minded - Earth -The Golden Teacher (Feat. Somatoast)

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