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E-Mantra - Raining Lights (2015) [Altar Records]

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I didn't see this here yet.. What do you guys think about it?


I think it's more varying with style than 'Silence' and 'The Hermit's sanctuary' with few almost uptempo progressive tracks and remixes.

Still you can recognize E-Mantras signature sounds! My favorite track from the album is 'The Darkest Hours', it has nice mixed dark and bright groove..

It's something that sounds most like 'The Hermit's sanctuary' (my favorite E-Mantra album so far!)  :)

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I mentioned it in the Now Listening thread. I like it quite a bit. Part II is a bit more to my liking, but I did enjoy Kaleidoscope Clouds as much as anything by him. My fave is Gesthemane. Overall it's pretty hard to choose a favourite E-Mantra album, even if I exclude his goa releases - and Arcana is absolutely amazing for me. Maybe Visions or Hermit.


Edit: Just realised that Kaleidoscope Clouds is a remix (dah, it's dubbed Main Sequence Star Remix :rolleyes: ) of the tune with the same title from Floating Spirals, and I must say I like it a lot more than that version.

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I find the ambient part quite cheesy (except Gethsemane) ... Really not hooked up ...

Things are getting better when he adds the beat (from Shadow traveller on), hopefully not only due to the beat, but not sure ... Darkest hours is good. Made me wanna listen to some twisted n funky Zenon and Troll n Rolls records yeah!

Boum boum


For fun(k) :


The Lafayette Afro Rock Band - Darkest light


(sorry, I guess it's not related, but the song is great and darkest hours sounds similar to darkest light and look at that hair!)

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