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Alchemist - Psybient And Deep Trance Journey Into 2016 (2015-2016) -

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A mix filled with deep pounding psybient and slow trance grooves, hovering around 90-110bpm. A good way to start the new year if you ask me!

Some parts in the first 30 minutes might be a bit 'cheesy' for some people's taste, but oh well :P If you don't like it you can skip further!


Artist: Alchemist
Style tags: Psybient / Deep Trance / Psychil
Date: 31-12-2015
Length: 80:37



    1. Reasonandu feat. Suduaya - Moon Cloud [Altar Records, 2015]
    2. Lauge - Vandrigen [iboga Records, 2015]
    3. Erot - Atmos (Meridiem Mix) [Altar Records, 2012]
    4. Lemonchill feat. Kota - Premonition [Random Records, 2012]
    5. Lemonchill - Anima Mea (Alwoods Remix) [Ovnimoon Records, 2013]
    6. Specialmind - The Missing Particle [sentimony Records, 2012]
    7. Cosmic Replicant - Enter The Void [Altar Records, 2012]
    8. Alwoods - Rain of Shooting Stars [Altar Records, 2013]
    9. Lab's Cloud - Found The Way [Altar Records, 2014]
    10. Desert Dwellers - View Lanikea (Kaminanda Remix) [self-released, 2015]
    11. Chronos - Sequenced Engine (Progressive Mix) [Mystic Sound Records, 2015]
    12. Phobium - Towards Proxima Centauri  [Omnitropic, 2013]
    13. Lab's Cloud - The Kundalini Ascension [Nutek Records, 2011]
    14. Lemonchill - I Missed A Heart Beat (Deep In Mind Remix) [uxmal Records, 2015]
    15. Erot - Eclipse (Suduaya Remix) [Altar Records, 2012]
    16. Stefan Torto - Converting Silence [Cosmicleaf Records, 2014]
    17. Aureohm - Exploration [Purple Hexagon & Trimurti Records, 2015]

Downloads are enabled :)

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